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Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Without Medication



Lower Blood Sugar

Anywhere in the world, high blood sugar is one of the world’s leading causes of death among many people. It chooses no age, gender and race. Also, this is hereditary, which means this condition can be passed from one generation to another. Worse, intense blood sugar level can result in many complications like diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.

High blood sugar happens when the body doesn’t have the ability to transport the sugar from blood to the cells to extend to other parts of the body. Aside from genetics, other reasons are unhealthy eating habits (especially foods with high fat and sugar contents, along with too much alcoholic beverages and sodas), inactive lifestyle (not exercising, being too workaholic), lack of enough rest and sleep and too much stress.

Regardless if your family has a history of high sugar levels or not, it is very essential to take care of the body in order to prevent that to happen, especially its worse conditions.

To avoid this, taking medications is not always the best solution. There are various ways to lower down the blood sugar levels even without medications. Here are some of them:

  1. Do not disregard to exercise habitually.
    All of us are aware of so much healthy benefits in exercising. It just not works on those who are losing weight or maintaining a certain weight because of some medical conditions, but also to regulate our body to maintain its healthy functioning, especially to those who are already aging.
    In addition, having regular exercise helps the body to increase its sensitivity to insulin. Insulin sensitivity is the ability of the cells to use the sugar present in the bloodstream of the body. Our muscle also receives benefits from it because through exercise, it helps them to use the blood sugar for its additional energy and ability to contract as well.
    If you already have problems with sugar levels, regularly checking the levels to identify the exercises that can work for you and also how should you respond to the activities you are doing.
    Exercises like jogging, walking and biking can aid your sugar levels to become lower.
  2. Be mindful of the carbs you are consuming.
    Carbohydrates is an essential nutrient in the body because it provides energy for the body, through the sugar it has, like glucose. As it breaks down, the insulin delivers the sugars into every cell of the body. If a person consumes too much carbohydrates, the process will not happen, leading to a higher glucose level in the blood.
    To solve this, you should become more mindful on every carbohydrate you take. Also, doing food exchange system or having low carbohydrate diet can be done to avoid further complications associated with high sugar levels.
  3. Eat more foods that are rich in fiber.
    As you consume less on carbohydrates, take time to eat more foods that are fiber-rich. Some of these foods are leafy vegetable, legumes and whole grain.
    These foods, aside from benefits in digestion, helps the body to slow down the absorption of sugar in the body. With the two kinds of fiber which are soluble and non-soluble, soluble fiber helps more in controlling your blood sugar levels.
  4. Drink lots of water.
    Aside from the hydration benefits water brings to the body, it also helps the body maintain the blood sugar levels. In addition, it helps the kidney to easily get rid of too much sugar from the body system. That is why staying hydrated helps us to lessen the chance of having diabetes.
    Water and other beverages that are non-caloric are the best sources of hydration.
  5. Consider eat foods with low glycemic index.
    Glycemic index checks how the blood sugar levels respond to the carbohydrate-rich foods that we consume.
    Eating low-glycemic foods like seafoods, meat, eggs and root crops like sweet potatoes are proven to lower down the blood sugar levels, preventing the risk of having type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  6. Learn to manage your stress.
    One of the worse effects of mismanage stress is that it risen the blood sugar levels. Stress-induced hormones like cortisol and glucagon are some of the responsible for this.
    Besides exercises and relaxation, doing meditation methods like yoga can improve the and solve the insulin-related issues especially to those with chronic diabetes.
  7. Consume foods that are rich in chromium and magnesium.
    In addition to hypertension and heart failure, micronutrient deficiencies are also the complications a person can have when he has high sugar levels. Some of these micronutrients that are affected are chromium which is essential for metabolism especially in carbohydrates and fats level, and magnesium which also has good benefits relating to blood sugar levels.
    Some of the foods that are rich in chromium that can include in your healthy diet are egg yolks, coffee and nuts, while magnesium-rich foods include dark chocolate and bananas.
    While doing these medication-free ways to lower the blood sugar levels, you can also try limited edition glucosmart lorna vanderhaeghe   ensure that your blood sugar is always at its best condition.

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Know How Lower Ab Workouts Not Only Make You Look Good but Also Benefit You in Many Ways.



Know How Lower Ab Workouts Not Only Make You Look Good but Also Benefit You in Many Ways.

The desire for washboard abs is apparently the ultimate reason you undergo long planks, lower back stretches, and countless sit-ups. Abs exercises don’t have to suck, by the idea. For the most active and most delightful program to a six-pack, try a workout program under a professional’s guidance. However, along the way to that six-pack, you’ll notice even more significant benefits. Here are eight prominent reasons to stay driven on ab day.

1. Own Your Game

Core exercise makes you a more qualified athlete in just about any strength or speed sport. That’s because a solid core lets you carry more energy to your limbs so you can strike harder, smash a drive considerably, and kick a ball with more strength.

2. Promotes Balance

A stable core holds your torso in a well-built position whenever you move, whether you’re performing sports or just completing daily chores. That aids you dodge injury and makes your actions more effective. You can test your balance with this quick to-do. Hold on one leg with your arms stretched. If you continue for 60 seconds or more, you pass this test.

3. Say Goodbye to the Back Pain

As per Canadian research, a core-training plan is considered the best exercise for weight loss and can also anticipate and manage lower back pain. If you’ve had back pain, you’ll be better off performing core exercises like side planks that keep you stock-still compared to moves like sit-ups where you fully flex your spine. Curl-ups, bird dogs, and side planks are also great options.

4. Hold Taller

Core training, especially Pilates, can ease you to hold up straight for a longer time. A scientific study by the Isokinetics and Exercise Science found that an individual who performs two to three hour-long lower back stretches sessions can significantly improve a postural stability experiment.

5. Go Like a Ninja

Performing a combo of instability and core exercises, such as single-leg moves, can help you be more flexible. A study in the journal Kinesiology discovered that individuals who did these drills worked better on the hexagon activity than those who made conventional bodybuilding moves.

Try a change:

1. Using thick ribbon, label a hexagon on the ground with 24-inch sides and a 120-degree standpoint.
2. Put a 12-inch tape strip in the center as the opening position.
3. Run a timer.

From the beginning, double-leg jumps to each facet of the hexagon and back to the middle in a clockwise orientation, reaching 12 jumps. Repeat, this time working counterclockwise. You should be capable of completing both courses in an equivalent amount of time. If you can’t, then prepare your weak order.

8. Live Healthier and Longer

A six-pack can save you from going six feet beneath—at least anytime forthwith. That’s what several researchers assumed when they attended numerous studies on waistline circumference. Individuals with larger waists had a greater risk of unexpected death than people with a smaller waist. So, make sure to perform lower ab workouts in the best manner.

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What Happens To Your Body When You Start Eating Chlorophyll Rich Food




What Happens To Your Body When You Start Eating Chlorophyll Rich Food

If you’re not binging on green leafy vegetables like your mother told you to you’re probably missing out on nature’s finest cancer-fighting resource.

Chlorophyll keeps plants green and healthy. Ever wonder what happens when you eat chlorophyll-rich foods?

When absorbed in the body chlorophyll does a lot of good things. The single biggest benefit is that chlorophyll can go a long way in fighting chemically caused cancers.

Let’s look at the benefits one-by-one.

Chlorophyll can protect you against cancer

In the body, chlorophyll binds to carcinogenic chemicals like polycyclic hydrocarbons- from tobacco, amino toxins released from meat cooked at high heat, and from mold-ridden peanuts and grains. It absorbs free radicals too. Toxic molds like aflatoxin that can develop from some strains of mold on peanuts, amino toxins, and polycyclic hydrocarbons can cause damage to our DNA and chlorophyll snips that at the bud.

The mechanism behind cancer prevention

The Risk for cancer is alleviated by the manner in which chlorophyll moves through our bloodstream detoxifying the liver as it goes. It interferes and prohibits cancer causing chemical from synthesizing into procarcinogens in the liver which are the precursors of carcinogens. Procariginen metabolization is the first step in DNA damage. By limiting the activity of enzymes that activate procarcinogens chlorophyll effectively protects you from cancer. Chlorophyll is a great antioxidant and decreases cellular damage and repairs damaged cells.

One study showed that chlorophyll decreased the number of tumors in liver from 64 percent to 29 percent. The study oversaw the application of DBC- a particulate matter that’s produced when burning charcoal or fuel oils on mice sample group. DBC is a potent carcinogen. Consequently, tumors began appearing. When the sample group was treated with chlorophyll the tumors subsided.

Its derivative is good for all kinds of problems

Chlorophyllin— a salt derived from chlorophyll when topically applied can reduce acne and clear up the skin.
In a study conducted in 2015, it was seen that people who had acne on their face saw remarkable improvement when they used topical chlorophyllin for 3 weeks.

When consumed orally it can speed up bowel and liver cleansing. The compound is particularly helpful in reducing inflammation and reducing pain when applied at the affected area. It improves oxygen circulation in the body and boosts helpful gut bacterial growth.

Chlorophyll additionally stimulates blood production. In a 2004 study, it was seen that in the control group those who ate wheatgrass- which contains 70% chlorophyll- required fewer blood transfusions. The control group suffered from a disease called thalassemia a blood disorder that requires frequent transfusions.

It also stimulates your immune system.

Chlorophyll helps our body get energy directly from the sun

So far, only plants can use direct sunlight to manufacture food.

But in a research study, it was seen that a particular metabolite present in mammalian mitochondria has the ability to convert light to energy. When this metabolite was mixed with chlorophyll and given to a worm called Caenorhabditis Elgan it resulted in a longer lifespan for the worm and higher energy production when exposed to light.

The same metabolite to convert light into food exists in mammals like human beings, rats, and pigs.

If gene editing progresses some more we’ll be looking past traditional food sources.

What are Chlorophyll rich foods?

Dark green vegetables are richly endowed with chlorophyll. Chlorella, the naturally occurring green algae is another great source. Chlorella also binds with harmful mercury in the body and eliminates it.
Spirulina is another great source of chlorophyll.

Protip: Whenever possible try consuming chlorophyll-rich foods without cooking them as cooking dilutes and destroys the chlorophyll content in these foods. Raw foods are the way to go.

Concluding thoughts

What do you think of the amazing benefits of chlorophyll? From fighting cancer to damaging broken tissue and providing a healthier gut, its nature’s own superfood.

Author bio: John is a fitness enthusiast and health food freak. Here’s his fitness blog.

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