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Treat Your’s Common Cold With These Ayurvedic Home Remedies



Treat Your’s Common Cold With These Ayurvedic Home Remedies

What is that winter does not bring with itself? Snow, happiness, joy, chilly and cozy times all at the same time. But, also the drastically changing weather conditions take a toll on your health.

Indian households have some of the best secret ingredients and remedies that can provide relief from the problem of common or chronic cold.

These home remedies are best because these are free from any kinds of side effects. You can treat common cold and cough without wasting any money on harmful medicines and give yourself a holistic treatment with these age-old recipes every grandmother used to prepare.

Try Ayurvedic Remedies for Chronic Cold and treat the problem with the power of nature-

  • Sip on to the Goodness of Ginger tea

    Take in the goodness and greatness of ginger tea, not only the taste but the aroma of the tea would treat your cough and cold. If you have blocked nose then drinking having ginger tea would help push out the phlegm from your respiratory tract and this will expel all the unwanted impurities out from your body. The ginger will speed up the recovery process and soothe the senses.
  • Mix honey, cinnamon and lemon

    Drink the mixture of these three magical and natural ingredients and it will help cure a cough and cold. The syrup that you will prepare will be the exact and perfect cure for a cold.
    Take 1 spoon of honey and add a few drops of lemon and a few cinnamon sticks. Take it while it is hot. Take it twice daily in order to cure yourself of common cold and cough.
    Drink lukewarm water throughout the entire day and help yourself fight the common cold and the problem of a sore throat. Drinking hot water will not only target the inflammation and de-root it from your throat but it will also replenish the fluids of the body.
  • The golden elixir of life: Turmeric and Milk

    Turmeric is a strong anti-oxidant that will not only effectively fight against a cough and cold but also will with a holistic approach help treat other inflammations in the body. It will help you in curing any kind of injuries in the body. If you take a warm glass of this golden elixir before going to bed then it will help the faster recovery of cold and cough.
  • Warm salt bath
    You will fall in love with this home cure as it will help relax your body from uneasiness, tiredness. Put a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint oil into the hot salt water and see what magic it does. The nasty cold will not care to bother you once you do so; the strong fragrance of these oils will seep in through every sense of your body and provide you relief. Just let your body relax into the water for 15 minutes and you will come out fresh, rejuvenated and alive more than ever before.
  • Honey and onion syrup

    If you notice a harsh cough and the presence of yellow sputum in your cold then you must take the magical combination of onion and honey which will work wonders for you. The antibacterial and the anti-inflammatory properties will help in loosening the chest from the congestion causing phlegm. Help reduce the swelling from the throat and let not any kind of fatigue take you down.
  • Steam
    You need to inhale and exhale deeply leaning over a hot water pot. To increase its impact you can also put in various oils like eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oil. The essential oils have various anti-bacterial properties that will help in pushing out the mucus and dislodging the congestion.
    Apart from trying all these herbal remedies you also need to take a few crucial steps that would help you with your problem. Exclude oily, heavy, dense, thick food from your diet. As oily and heavy food is challenging for your body to digest. Say no to dairy products, bread with sugar and juices that are sugar loaded. Cold, raw and dry fruits are also sugar loaded and hard to resist.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Chronic Cold will work best for you and help cure the problems and the underlying causes of the problem causing agents. Try the holistic approach and see the results for yourself.

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5 Signs You Need 24-Hour Emergency Dental Extraction Services




What happens if you start avoiding taking care of your teeth? Your oral health suffers! It can ultimately turn your day into a nightmare that you won’t forget until you get tooth treatment. To avoid that uneasiness, you can look out for an emergency dentist around your place where you can get instant tooth treatment without any delay. To get the emergency toothache relief, you need to search online for the best dentist clinics around your house. In this case, immediate dental care will definitely come to your rescue. 

Toothaches generally come in all sizes, shapes, and degrees of pain. If you are already aware of the emergency treatment, it can help you save your money in the long run. You can choose 24 hour emergency dental extraction services for the same.

But first, let’s understand five signs when you need instant dental care.

Tooth Loss

When you avoid brushing your teeth and take proper tooth care, you will soon start noticing severe tooth pain, and eventually, it will lead to your teeth falling and at last making your jaw hurt. Another sign can be a localized infection. To understand this disease, you will need to consult a world-class certified dentist. However, this infection can be caused due to either gum disease or dental caries. So, when you visit a dentist, they may use an oral exam and x-rays to determine what can be the reason behind this serious infection. For emergency toothache relief, you must know the best experts and professional doctors. 

Gums Started Bleeding

If you do over brushing your teeth, then it can cause your gums bleeding. However, to prevent this cause, if your gums are swelling or aching, then it’s time to consult a dentist to examine what actually is going on. If you catch the gum disease early then, it becomes easy for you to treat them and keep them healthy and intact afterwards. 

When Canker Sore Isn’t Getting Better

Canker sores are typical and can happen many times to any person. It can only cause when sores are lingering or become infected. So, if you have an open wound, then you absolutely need to consult a dentist within two days. Or you can also call a doctor or dentist to explain when something is going on. 

When You Get Constant Headaches

There are several reasons behind headaches. It can be due to taking stress, being sick, or wolfing something cold. However, if this headache has become intolerable or chronic, then it could be a sign of something else going on. There’s a connection between the teeth and head.  Damaged teeth can definitely affect your brain as well. Patients who use to grind their teeth regularly experience headaches. It would be best if you directly talk to a dentist for any other warning signs of bruxism or severe tooth pain like- worn down tooth enamel. Check out this TMJ dentist in Gilbert, Arizona to take care of your constant pain and headaches. 

After all, your smile is important!

Visit this: 13 Vitamins And Minerals You Need To Take For Healthy Life

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Your Skin’s Best Anti-Aging Ingredients




Your Skin’s Best Anti-Aging Ingredients

Every few months, the skincare industry is flooded with the latest and greatest anti-aging ingredients. There are some anti-aging chemicals that have received a lot of attention and excitement. Only a small number of practical remedies are acknowledged by experts as having any real impact on the problem. It’s important to note that the top chemicals each regenerate skin in a different way, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A comprehensive list of anti-aging products is included in this guide.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen with higher SPF

Despite the fact that this is technically a product rather than an ingredient, please bear with us. As long as you don’t use sunscreen on a regular basis, there’s no need to invest in additional anti-aging ingredients. Sun exposure is one of the major causes of all aging symptoms, including spots, wrinkles, and everything else in between. The need for daily broad-spectrum sunscreen is so great that we had to include it on this list.

It is vital to remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours, even if you are wearing an SPF 30 sunscreen. It is possible to use both mineral and chemical broad-spectrum sunscreens; mineral sunscreens are applied on top of skin and deflect sunlight; chemical sunscreens penetrate to protect cells from sun damage. Mineral solutions are less likely to irritate sensitive skin, but that is a matter of taste. There is no evidence that the common mineral sunscreen ingredients zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are harmful or ineffective, according to recent FDA findings.


The most potent skin-transforming chemical, “also known as vitamin A,” is this vitamin. There are various prescription and over-the-counter alternatives to retinoids, but they all work in the same way to keep things easy.

Due to its ability to speed up cell turnover and hence the exfoliation process, retinol is a great anti-aging agent for targeting fine lines and sun damage. Adult acne, wrinkles, and pimples are no match for this product, which can also be used to treat other skin issues. You can learn more about  acne treatment vancouver here.

A deal that seems too good to be true probably is. Retinol has some serious downsides, including the fact that many people find it exceedingly unpleasant. Redness and flaking are less likely to occur if you use it in between two coats of a conventional moisturizer. Furthermore, a pea-sized amount is all you need for your entire face; more isn’t necessarily better in this case. If left out in the daylight, this device will become useless.


When it comes to keeping irritants out and hydration in, your skin’s outermost layer is known as the barrier layer. For anti-aging, a hydrated skin is more youthful-looking. Ceramides are a good thing to search for if you suffer from eczema because they keep irritants out. There are essentially no drawbacks to using ceramides on any skin type, which makes them an ideal ingredient. Ceramide and retinol components can be found in various zo products which may be of interest to those seeking them.


Skin’s basis is collagen, like the mattress’ box spring, which keeps it robust and firm like the mattress’ foundation. As we get older, our own collagen production slows down, and external factors (ahem, sun exposure) can also contribute to collagen degradation.

Although it may seem evident that collagen is an excellent anti-aging component, it’s not quite that simple. Since the molecule is large and hard to get into the skin, it is applied topically. You may have also noticed a recent increase in the availability of ingestible collagen; various tablets and powders have entered the market, touting a variety of benefits for skin, hair, and nails. To be sure, oral collagen has a long way to go before it can make a significant change in the appearance of the skin.

Glycolic acid compound

Since its molecular size is so small compared to other AHAs, glycolic acid has the traditional exfoliating benefits of other AHAs, helping to improve skin’s texture, tone, and pore size by gently removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. As an anti-aging advantage, glycolic acid can also help prevent wrinkles since it boosts the skin’s collagen and elastin production. Make sure to apply it gradually, especially if you have really sensitive skin or if you’re using too much of it at one time.

Lactic Acid

It is possible to make an AHA that is gentler and less irritating than glycolic acid by using milk. Both light in-office peels and several at-home exfoliating treatments contain it as an antiaging component, and it helps to leave skin looking more even and beautiful. It has also been shown to boost the skin’s natural moisturizing capabilities, unlike many other exfoliating components that can be drying if not utilized properly. Remember that lactic acid makes your skin more vulnerable to the sun, so you’ll need to be extra careful and on top of your sunscreen game if it’s part of your anti-aging arsenal.


Hyaluronic acid, a popular hydrating chemical, functions like a sponge, attracting and retaining water on the skin. Because it can store 1,000 times its weight in water, it’s possible that it can help firm up your skin and smooth out wrinkles in addition to hydrating it. However, the advantages they provide are just short-lived.’ When it comes to the skin, hyaluronic acid is safe to use because it is a naturally occurring sugar in our bodies (we can make it until the age of roughly 20). For this anti-aging component to function correctly, moisture is essential. In other words, slathering it on dry skin in the middle of the desert will not help. Best results can be achieved by dabbing or applying hyaluronic acid directly onto somewhat damp skin. Try vivier skin canada products for best results.

Nutritional supplements with calcium

Taking a cold-fighting vitamin can have a positive impact on your skin. Not only does it neutralize skin-damaging free radicals caused by sun and pollution but it also interferes with the production of extra pigment in the skin, helping to fade spots and discoloration.. If that wasn’t enough, it also helps to stimulate collagen production when applied to the skin or consumed. As a result of this, some people are more sensitive to vitamin C than others and may experience irritation; it is also quickly deactivated by sunshine and air exposure.

Oil extracts from a jojoba plant

Despite the fact that face oils have become increasingly popular, some individuals may still find the idea of using them to be a little strange. Nevertheless, jojoba oil is one of the best available oils for skin care. For example, jojoba oil is biomimetic, which means it mimics the skin’s own natural oils in terms of how it acts. There are no pore-clogging chemicals in this product. Hydrating and soothing to dry, irritated skin, it is also. Nobody should be alarmed by the possibility of a break-out. In addition to vitamin E, jojoba oil contains antioxidant properties and may be an anti-inflammatory aid. Moisturizing your hair and scalp has never been easier. Gentle laser pore reduction treatments are an excellent way to learn more about the process of improving pore size.

Author Bio: Elijah Thomas

Elijah Thomas is the Head of SEM at OVO Medi Spa. With years of digital marketing experience, he understands how to bring his clients more exposure. He expands their clientele and businesses by working closely with partners to reach their full potential. Elijah takes pride in working in the wellness industry, so people become the best version of themselves. Outside of work, he spends time researching new ideas for his next project and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

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Why Is It Important to Purchase Easiyo Products?




Yogurt that is made from easiyo products is fresh and tastes so delicious. It is simple for you to prepare yogurt in your home using easiyo products in three simple and easy steps. Order easiyo products online as there is a wide range of products available in different flavours that can surely reach and cross your expectations.

Yogurt made using easiyo has no artificial ingredients; it contains calcium and friendly bacteria that is good for your health and gut health. It is gluten-free, has a low GI, is wheat-free, and is highly suitable for vegetarians.

Easiyo products are exclusively designed to make yogurt in the comfort of your home quickly without having any difficulty. These products are getting widely popular these days worldwide due to their efficiency and accuracy the product delivers. Though, some people are still not aware of yogurt maker products and the beneficial factors of using them.

Before purchasing or using the yogurt maker products, many queries run around people’s minds. Here is the list of common questions that most people have when they want to order easiyo products online. Take a look:

Why is it Important to Make Yogurt on Yourself?

With a yogurt maker, you can quickly get fresh yogurt through the simple process. There are many beneficial live cultures present in easiyo yogurt, and this yogurt has probiotic cultures that are very useful for your immune and digestive health. The main advantage is that it does not contain artificial ingredients and has more calcium. Easiyo yogurt is the best choice for people looking for a healthy diet.

What are the Ingredients Present in the Yogurt?

The yogurt sachets consist of premium quality lactic cultures and milk powder. All the flavours included in the sachets are natural or similar to nature, and they do not have artificial colouring, stabilizers, preservatives, or emulsifiers. What you have to do is, mix plain drinking water.

Why is Easiyo Yogurt Good for Your Health?

As the easiyo yogurt is fresh, it consists of high live lactic cultures that are good for your health. The lactic bacteria generally occur in the intestines that fight harmful bacteria and help digestion. Eating fresh yogurt daily can help improve your body function and maintain the perfect balance. Similarly, it can reduce the gas problems in the intestine that occurs due to bacteria.

Can Small Babies Prefer to Eat Easiyo Yogurt?

If your baby is flexible enough to eat solids, they are recommended to eat easiyo yogurt. The easiyo yogurt is considered more absorbable, so they are the perfect food choice for babies. Also, the easiyo yogurt can keep their tummy happy and healthy with the presence of live lactic cultures and keep the digestive system clean and healthy.

Is Easiyo Yogurt Preferrable for Pregnant Women?

Yes, it is absolutely the best choice for pregnant women as it is high in protein, minerals, calcium, and vitamins. This yogurt also contains folic acid, which is very important for pregnant women to develop the nervous system.

Is it Worth Using Chilled Water for Yogurt Mix?

If there is no option and you want to use chilled water for the yogurt mix, you should not use it; as it is, you should take the water and warm it up to 15 degrees centigrade. Now you can use it for the yogurt mix.

Final Words:

Choose the best easiyo yogurt maker and purchase it online as you can feel it like a homemade yogurt. You can enjoy the creamy and rich yogurt flavor with 100% natural ingredients and live cultures.

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Foods To Avoid (Or Take) For Your Teeth (Or Gums) 




Foods To Avoid (Or Take) For Your Teeth (Or Gums) 

As per an ICMR research study, neglect and lack of awareness on oral hygiene are some of India’s biggest public health problems. The problem is still worse with college students; as per another study, the primary reason is a lack of awareness about oral health practices. 

Teeth have an essential role in our lives; they help chew and digest food, speak, give our face its shape, and help us smile. With so much help that our teeth offer us, is it not crucial to take good care of them? 

Why is Oral Care important? 

Good oral health can have many excellent life-changing benefits like- a healthy smile for our visual appearance, healthy gums, strong teeth, fresh breath, and help prevent many mouth diseases and disorders. 

Daily hygiene activities like brushing, cleaning the teeth after eating, etc., are the primary care we can provide to our teeth. But how often do we think about other things? Like what our eating habits are doing to our teeth (or gums)? 

Yes, we can also ensure good oral health by avoiding or eating certain foods. As it is said, we are what we eat; that’s even more true regarding our teeth and gums. 

How can food affect our oral health? 

When we drink or eat starchy or sugary foods, we’re also feeding in the germs that can cause tooth decay and diseases in our mouths. Plaque is often the first symptom of the onset of teeth and gum problems; it is a thin, invisible, sticky substance from leftover foods and bacterial decay. When we eat sugary or starchy food, acids are formed, which attack the teeth. Regular exposure of acid to our teeth can break down the hard enamel on the surface of teeth, leading to tooth decay. The bacteria in plaque also trigger an inflammatory response, causing the breakdown of the gums, teeth, and other structures inside the mouth. 

This article will discuss which foods you can avoid and foods you can take for healthier teeth and gums, so let’s get started 

Foods to avoid for Oral Care 

Candies: It’s common knowledge that candy is bad for teeth. When they are chewed, they stick to our teeth causing decay. It’s better to go for healthier options among sweets, like those that quickly clear out of the mouth. Avoid lollipops, sour candies, caramels, and toffees made from refined sugar. Some believe that chocolates are a healthier option as they wash off the teeth more quickly than other candies, but it remains unproven. However, some studies show that chocolate is not as bad as other sugary delights. 

Potato Chips: The world at present is hooked on potato chips. It’s the most popular food for snacking. However, it’s loaded with starch and sugar; it feeds the plaque bacteria when it gets trapped in and between the teeth. Since the potato chips intake is relatively high and frequent, the acid production from the chips remains and lasts longer. So, either avoid potato chips or brush your teeth after eating them to prevent cavities and decay. 

Soft drinks: Carbonated drinks are among the top sources of added sugar among kids and teens. Apart from being loaded with sugar, they also contain phosphoric and citric acids that wear away tooth enamel. They also dry up the mouth leading to dryness and decay of gums. 

Ice: Avoid chewing hard substances, as they can damage enamel and can even crack, or break the teeth, or loosen gums. Ice being hard and cold can do even more damage if chewed. 

Alcohol: Alcohol is amongst the unhealthiest substances for humans. But people often don’t realize that when they drink alcohol, they are drying up their mouth? A dry mouth lacks saliva, which is needed to keep the teeth healthy. Saliva helps prevent food from sticking to teeth and washes away leftover food particles. It even helps repair early tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral infections. It’s better to keep the mouth hydrated by drinking plenty of water or using fluoride rinses and oral hydration solutions. 

Foods to eat for healthier teeth and gums 

Citrus Fruits: Research shows that oranges, grapes, and other citrus fruit protect tooth enamel and gums. Although they contain acidic, citrus fruit can increase saliva flow also, as they have a lot of water. It also helps wash away acid-producing bacteria. 

Milk and milk Products: Milk products are among the best foods to protect and ensure a healthy tooth enamel and gums. Calcium, phosphates and other minerals present in milk, and other dairy products, help protect the enamel from acids by acting as a buffer and also replenish minerals back into the teeth, thereby promoting the rebuilding of tooth enamel. They also help create saliva. Studies have shown that milk products may even help strengthen the protective minerals in teeth surfaces. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods containing a lot of fibre help keep the teeth and gums clean and maintain saliva flow. They also provide various vitamins, antioxidants and minerals like vitamin C, calcium, phosphate, etc., to promote the growth and rebuilding of gums and tooth enamel. Crisp fruits and raw vegetables, like apples, carrots, etc., help clean plaque from teeth and freshen up breath. So, eat fresh fruits and vegetables to protect your gums and other tissues from cell damage and infection. 

Water: Water is the cheap and best way to ensure healthier teeth and gums. It washes away leftover food, helps swallow food and quenches our thirst. It helps keep the mouth moist and increases saliva production to ward off many tooth and gum problems further.

Want to Learn More? 

If you want to learn more about dental health, best practices to maintain good dental health, in that case, you can read articles or join workshops conducted by colleges like Mansarovar Dental College, AIIMS, etc. Most dental colleges in major cities like Bhopal, Delhi, Jaipur, etc., do conduct workshops to spread awareness about oral health. 

Furthermore, if you are passionate about oral health, dentistry, etc., and want to help people maintain healthy teeth, gums, and smiles, you can pursue the BDS course. Many good BDS colleges are spread all over India, be it any city like Bhopal, Jaipur, etc. 

As it is said, prevention is better than cure. Also, if you want to avail the best treatment dental services like braces or invisalign, it is important to check your budget. You might be also asking yourselves,”Is Invisalign cheaper than regular braces?” This is why it is important to learn the differences, eat healthily, and live healthily.

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The Traditional Indian medical system of Ayurveda has proven its efficacy time & again. Translated as life-knowledge, Ayurveda’s prime focus is to live life in harmony and oneness with nature. Established 5,000 years ago by Charaka, Ayurveda has 8 branches, namely: Kaaya Chikitsa (Internal Medicine), Baala Chikitsa (Treatment of Children / Pediatrics), Graha Chikitsa (Demonology / Psychology), Urdhvaanga Chikitsa (Treatment of disease above the clavicle), Shalya Chikitsa (Surgery), Damstra Chikitsa (Toxicology), Jara Chikitsa (Geriatrics, Rejuvenation) and Varsha Chikitsa (Aphrodisiac therapy). All 8 branches of Ayurveda focus on holistic healing that yields long-term results. Interpreters of Ayurveda believe that a human body consists of 3 doshas: Vata Dosha (Space & Air), Kapha Dosha (Fire & Earth), and Pitta Dosha (Fire). A human body only falls sick when these doshas are out of balance, and a trained ayurvedic physician will focus on realigning these doshas to yield positive results. 

As more people adopt earth-friendly and vegan lifestyles, the science of Ayurveda gains more relevance. Millions are turning to Ayurveda to find lasting solutions for crippling lifestyle diseases. One such institute is Bhopal’s Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine. This ayurvedic college and hospital in Bhopal offers BAMS degrees to aspiring ayurvedic ‘acharyas’ or physicians and has revolutionized the ayurvedic healthcare system through its cutting-edge ‘Chikitsa’ or treatments. It is clear that Ayurveda has been recognized as being relevant in medicine and science, which is why it has become more important than ever to preserve and promote these ancient treatments and techniques. This is precisely why the Ministry of AYUSH is coming up with numerous initiatives to promote this ancient healing science.

There is an extensive need for concrete initiatives to bust myths surrounding Ayurveda & promote it as a healing science at par with western medicine. This need has increased manifold due to the onset of covid-19 and rapidly rising claims of ‘miracle natural cures’ for this virus. Therefore, the Ministry of AYUSH has launched several initiatives to promote the best and most relevant aspects of traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy. 

• Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiations with Countries 

In order to increase the global acceptance of AYUSH systems of medicine, the government of India has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with nations to facilitate trade & investment in the field. An AYUSH EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL (AEPC) has been established to keep tabs on the export of these ayurvedic medicines and services. AEPC will help the government collaborate with international health bodies like WHO, ISO, etc, and encourage investment in India’s ayurvedic sector. AEPC also encourages foreign nationals to pursue AYUSH courses in India. As of 2020, the Indian govt has signed MOUs with 23 countries for cooperation in Traditional Systems of Medicine like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. This aims to promote international funding, education research, and training in Ayurveda and other associated systems of natural medicine. AYUSH also offers 104 scholarships annually to nationals from over 99 countries in order to encourage them to pursue Ayurveda as a career. AYUSH encourages foreign nationals to pursue bachelors in Ayurvedic medicine (BAMS), followed by masters and Ph.D. from pioneering Ayurvedic colleges. BAMS colleges in Bhopal (like Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine) are known for their well-rounded and employable courses. 

• Ayurvedic Medical Tourism 

The Government of India has formed the Champion Services Sector Scheme to popularise ayurvedic medical tourism. This initiative will help establish state-of-the-art ayurvedic colleges and hospitals like Bhopal’s Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine. This ayurvedic hospital in Bhopal along with several others has opened its doors to medical tourists looking for lasting cures to debilitating diseases. A National Medical & Wellness Tourism Board has also been established to further encourage medical tourism for Ayurvedic, homeopathic, Unani & Siddha treatments. 

• National Ayush Mission (NAM) 

The National Ayush Mission is one of several policy initiatives taken by the ministry of Ayush to popularise traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda. NAM aims to increase ayurvedic hospitals in India through various inclusive strategies. For instance, Ayurvedic treatments will be covered by insurance schemes so that more people can afford modernized treatments at their disposal. NAM will also help popularise the benefits of Ayurveda’s holistic and natural treatments through effective use of print, television, digital and social media, 12,500+ AYUSH health and wellness centers are also set to be operationalized to make treatments more accessible for patients and dedicated followers of Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicine. 

• Launch of Ayurswasthya Yojana 

This new scheme by the Ministry of Ayush focuses on giving a greater role to Ayurveda in the healthcare sector. This umbrella scheme will help popularise techniques incorporated in Ayurveda for the treatment of serious diseases. It aims to modernize traditional remedies for present-day use and promote AYUSH interventions in community health and well-being. The launch of schemes like Ayurswasthya Yojana will help ayurvedic hospitals like Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine in effectively disseminating their pioneering treatments. This Ayurvedic Hospital in Bhopal has a 100-bed facility capable of taking care of serious cases.

• Celebrating Ayurveda & Yoga Day 

The Ministry of Ayush knows how to capitalize on the value of an ancient system of medicine like Ayurveda. Hence, the ministry makes sure to celebrate Ayurveda Day not just in India, but in an additional 135 countries. 

• Setting up Ayush Information Cells 

As of 2020, the ministry of Ayush has set up over 33 Ayush information cells to bust myths surrounding Ayurveda. This is especially needed in an era where ayurvedic treatments are being misused and misrepresented as ‘miracle cures for a mysterious virus.’ 

In conclusion, it can be said that the Ministry of Ayush has been taking consistent steps towards popularising & promoting Ayurveda in India and abroad. From signing MOUs to providing incentives to Ayush drug manufacturers, from providing scholarships to using the power of social media to its fullest, our government is doing everything in its power to promote Ayurveda and related systems of traditional medicine in the right manner. Popular Ayurvedic hospitals in Bhopal like the Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine are also aiding the government’s initiatives through their new-age techniques and treatments.

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