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Today’s Newspaper of DailyPakistan comes with some of the leading stories from Pakistan and around the world. From the Afghanistan terrorist attack, the progression of the deadly pandemic, and happenings in the lives of some famous celebrities, it presents you with the latest news from Pakistan and beyond.

China Plans to Test the Entire Population of Wuhan for CoronaVirus

Soon after the lockdown was lifted, 6 new cases of Coronavirus got reported in Wuhan.
Wuhan was the city from where the virus originated and its population was the most affected one initially. Owing to the recurrence of cases, China has devised a plan to test the entire population of Wuhan for Coronavirus so as to make sure that every affected individual is identified.
As per the international media, this process of testing these 11 million residents of the city will take no longer than 10 days.

Pakistan Condemns Terror Attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan

In response to Kabul terror attacks, Pakistan Foreign Office issued a statement on Tuesday, 12th April.
The spokesperson condemned the heinous attacks both on the medical facility and the funeral.
It was added that terrorist acts are not only cowardly but also simply despicable, especially in the Holy month of Ramadan. As per the latest news from Pakistan, sincere condolences and prayers were extended to the families of the departed and the injured. Moreover, a wish to see a peaceful and stable Afghanistan was also expressed by the foreign office on behalf of Pakistan. 

No Student in Sindh to be Expelled Due to Non-payment of Fee During the Period of Lockdown

Sindh High Court has ordered all private schools of the province to not expel any student in case of non-payment of fee during the lockdown. According to the latest news from Pakistan, Sindh government filed this petition for relaxation of students, and it was brought into action once it was approved by the Sindh High Court.
On behalf of the Sindh government, Barrister Shabbir Shah advocated the case. Later, he said that according to the court’s verdict, no coercive action such as expulsion etc. can take place in case of non-payment of school fee by the student. This order stands for the time period of lockdown.

Will Zayn and Gigi Soon Get Married?

Ever since the news of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy has broken the internet, every single follower seems to have a prediction or an opinion. Many people are predicting an engagement if not marriage by the end of this year. Everyone knows that the couple is in love and has been dating for a while now. After the pictures of the similar ‘evil eye’ bracelets that the couple wears and the romantic love poem tattooed on Zayn’s arm went viral, fans have started to view these as something suggestive of marriage in the very near future.

India’s ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Hospitalized

As per the report of Press Trust of India, ex Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was admitted to All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi, after he complained of chest pain.
He is an eminent leader of the Congress and has served as the Prime Minister of the country for a decade and is presently a member of the parliament from Rajasthan. The 87-year old leader has been kept in the cardio-thoracic ward for observation.

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