Top 5 Tips to Help You Get Through The Exam

The pressure of exams can be one of the reasons for stress. Stress is an emotional and physical feeling of tension. It can be caused by any event and makes an individual feel annoyed and angry. We are under more stress than ever before, with an approximately 20-50 per cent rise annually from college students seeking assistance with studies-related mental health problems. The season of exams can bring on a level of stress that can obstruct the studies. Exam stress has different effects on most students. This stress must be managed and few methods can be found to help eliminate the danger of burnout. Symptoms of exam stress may include:

  • Feeling low and moody
  • Having difficulty in decision-making
  • Headaches 
  • Feeling confused
  • Poor sleeping habits


These symptoms interfere with enjoying life during exam times. For such situations, a student can suffer from stress. Thankfully, the stresses can be handled and the marks you want can be reached. Here are some of the helpful tips that can help you to manage stress and to get through the exam seasons.

  • Taking regular breaks and scheduling some fun things

When you are preparing for exams, even the most intense exam allows a little time for a break. This break can be of 15-20 minutes. Going out with friends, having a favourite meal or anything that you like to do during your free time can make you feel more refreshed and relaxed.  

  • Exercise and healthy eating

A good body implies a right mind. Carefully eat and exercise frequently during the examination period. Exercising helps to provide oxygen to the brain and releases tension and helps in keeping calm, emotionally relax and study more proficiently. Keep your body and mind fueled by selecting nutrient foods, such as fish, nuts, plants, yoghurt and blueberries that have been demonstrated to support concentration and memory.

  • Don’t compare to others

Comparison is the opposite of happiness. It is helpful to discuss the topics with classmates and do the revision together, nut try to avoid the comparisons with other students. Listening to others about their leanings can only give you stress and you may feel regressive. 

  • Study ideas

Having a clean and quiet workspace can help study peacefully. You should make a clear plan about what you want to cover in each subject and study period. You should break the tasks into small parts, so you don’t feel too irresistible. Asking a friend or your teachers for clearing some problematic issues can be useful. During exams, if you are getting anxious, focus on your breath. Make use of flow charts and diagrams. These kinds of visual aids can be helpful while revising. Try to get off all the distractions around as some of us needs an organized and peaceful environment and for some needs background music. The My Assignment Help portal can be useful for you by providing a quality study material in relevant subjects like biology, nursing, literature, law, accounts, and many others. 

  • Getting a proper sleep

Students must sleep for at least 6-8 hours, especially on the night before the exam. Time has always been stressful, but sleep deprivation, enhanced intake of caffeine and poor snacks are sure to produce less than ideal test times. Certain products are believed to assist sleep, with chicken, milk, fruits and walnuts all containing tryptophan, which the body utilizes in melatonin production which can induce sleep.  It’s never late to ask for assistance. Assignment Help is proven to be helpful for students during the exam season. It can save a life in the most extreme cases. When you fight with these types of situations, just speak about your feelings with buddies, family or personal tutors, which can be helpful for managing the stress of exam seasons. Also, don’t be scared of looking for skilled assistance and support. As a final tip, keep in mind that it is vital to operate well for your brain. Make sure you continue to drink plenty of water during revisions and on the examination day. It is important to remember that when you experience stress in the exam, it’s only a small part of your life, even if you may not feel like that at the moment.

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