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Top 10 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home Décor



Home Décor

Nowadays, most people are looking for home decoration ideas that can help you to revamp your house without going bankrupt. Well, there are various simple tricks that can help to uplift the visual appeal of your house, and we are going to discuss these tips in the post. 

The professional interior decorators know how to hide the flaws and show the strengths of your house. Here, in this article, you will find the home decoration tips from the experts:

  1. Paint Your Front Door

You can set the right tone at the entrance of your house by repainting the front door. Make sure you choose the contracting color for your main door so that it looks appealing. Your front door should pop-up from the rest of the exterior décor of your home. 

It is recommended to choose the red color and glossy paint to spruce up the main door of your house. The red color door will create a welcoming ambiance and spread good vibes all around.

  1. Paint Walls With Light Color

You should pick neutral colors to paint your wall. It is recommended to pick a beige and gray color. By choosing a neutral color for your wall, you are opting for higher flexibility for wall decoration. 

You can easily pick any wall decorating accessories in different colors. For example, metal print frames look stunning on light-colored walls. Moreover, if you paint two adjacent rooms with the same neutral color, then it will make your two rooms appear larger.

  1. Arrangement Of Upholstery Furniture

Have you ever observed a nice hotel lobby? The arrangement of chairs and sofa is inviting for a long conversation. You have to use the same technique in your living room to arrange upholstery furniture. While arranging your upholstery furniture, you should aim for a similar balance and intimacy.

You should create a U-shape with a sofa and chair. After that, you have to bring a table in the center of the arrangement. The wall behind the sofa should be appealing. You can hang your family photo frames on this wall, attractive wall designs & design, or hang metal photo prints.

  1. Elegant Window Dressing

Gone are the day when heavy drapes can make your room look classy. Now, heavy drapes look outdated and affect the visual appeal of your home. It is better to leave your window undressed rather than using outdated drapes. Make sure that window dressing is beautiful and functional as well. 

How about sheers integrated with full-length panels. If your living room receives a lot of sunlight, then choose light color drapes so that it does not fade away due to sunlight exposure. It is recommended to choose cotton fabric based lightweight fabric panels.

  1. One Mirror In Each Mirror

Mirrors can help in making your rooms look virtually spacious. Moreover, the mirror can reflect backlight and illuminate all rooms of your house. You should place mirrors in a perpendicular direction to the windows so that they can properly distribute the light in the room. 

Make sure that you never place any mirror directly across the window because the mirrors can create glare at this position. Moreover, if you place mirrors directly in front of the window, then lights fall on the mirror will reflect back out of the window.

  1. Scale-Up Wall With Artwork

You should hang artwork on your wall to transform old boring walls into an attractive one. You should never place your artwork too high on the walls. According to the thumb rule, you should hang artwork, wall frames, or any other wall hanging at eye-level. There is one more rule for decorating walls with artwork pieces. 

If your wall has a large dimension, then you should consider large size display elements such as large size metal prints. Are you searching for contractors who can design and build large size metal prints for you?  

You should go online and search for metal printing near me. Pick the right contractor and get good quality & large size metal prints to decorate your walls. If you have small size frames, then create a photo gallery on a large wall.

  1. Install Different Lighting Fixtures

All rooms must have three types of lighting fixtures: ambient lighting, task lighting, and ceiling lighting fixtures. The ambient light will ensure that your room is properly lit-up. The task lighting fixture helps you to complete a specific task. On the other hand, the ceiling lighting fixture will highlight a specific area of the room. 

  1. Invest In Area Rugs

You should also invest in beautiful area rugs to give a classy touch to your house. While placing area rugs in your living room, you should ensure that all four legs of upholstery furniture should fit inside the area rugs. It will give an organized and beautiful appearance to the living room.

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