Why Thailand should be your next vacation spot?

If you are looking for a destination that is more than usual than making Thailand your travel site would be a perfect idea. Thailand has ranges of perfectness; from tropical beaches to exotic wildlife and from squat towns to silvery waterfalls. Make this mesmerizing land, your next hanging spot and add up a lot in your travel bucket that you had never experience before.

Why Thailand should be your next vacation spot?

There are a number of reasons why Thailand must be made your next vacation spot. We are discussing here a few of them so grab the cheap flight to Thailand and experience the glory of this beautiful country.

Gusto food– you may a person of brand and luxury but you cannot deny the beauty of street articles. Food is the most eminent thing while being on a trip; if you are accompanied with some good stuff to eat then your spree will be a success but if the food contradicts your taste then succession would not be the case. The vendor food in Thailand is the tastiest of all and when it is served with hospitality; the taste is even better. Filled with loads of chilies and spices, the hot and sour dishes can be whipped in seconds with some local ingredients like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal.

Luxury surely counts- though the vendor system is a big hit in Thailand it does not mean the country lacks in luxury. The luxurious and glorious accommodations will take your breath for a moment. Six Senses on Koh Yao Noi, Indian beach House or Keemala; the hotels will give you some real stay goals. Outside attractions are important too but if you are not comfortable in your own room then where would you be?

Beaches are the M.O of Thailand– Thailand is the land of islands and beaches so if you haven’t seen a beach yet you are probably killing your time for no reason in Thailand. The legendary beaches with the cool breeze and refreshing Pinna Colada will make you fell in love with it. Especially when you are at the seashore of these mesmeric beaches with your family then the fun will be endless. Mark Phi Phi Island as number one in your tourist hit list because this island is nothing but a piece of paradise. Koh Nang Yuan Island is another island that cannot be missed.

The shopping hub Bangkok- filled with colors, attractiveness, and shine, Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand that never sleeps. As like Dubai is to UAE, Bangkok is to Thailand. All of the luxury, foreign as well as local brands can be found here and the shopping always remains at its peak. Though always known for its huge shopping, it is surprisingly cheap too making it the most frequently visited destinations in the country.

Sun always shines in Thailand- yes! It is true because Thailand’s weather is such a beauty that is always ready to shine brightly. Whether you are planning to visit Thailand in June or in December, each time you will find sunshine, warm weather and clear days. It is either warm or rainy in Thailand and nothing in between. Weather can be said unpredictable too as in the bright sunshine it might start raining so having an umbrella all the time would be a pretty safe idea.

Sun always shines in Thailand

Travelling is just a time issue- unlike many of the countries, it is very convenient and cheap to travel inside the country. Both land and air transport facilitate the travelers in this. Thanks to the domestic airlines like Air Asia, Nok Air, and Bangkok Airways, even air transportation is easy, cheap and comfortable. If you have booked yourself way prior to your flight then it is quite a chance that you might get a round- trip ticket from Bangkok to Phuket for an extremely affordable rate.

Nights that never ends- beach, island, resort or a club, the nights of Thailand never sleeps. The buzzing nightlife of Thailand is one of the reasons for its notoriety among the tourists and you can hang out with your peers for all night long. Not only with friends but also with kids and family, you can enjoy your nights. To experience all such beauty, travel with “Elite Travel” by grabbing the cheap flights to Bangkok with us.

Mesmeric Buddhist temples- you can tell your kids about Buddhism and some history about it to increase their knowledge. When they will see the magnificent temples, the idea about the information you are providing will be clearer. The Buddhist Temples of the country are its religion’s signature marks and influence everything from architecture to the way natives interact with each other. Almost every city has a landmark Buddhist Temple in it alluring the attention of its visitors.

Thailand is a haven for keen travelers- it may take hours to travel to Thailand but once you reach there, many of your travel worries will vanish. For example, if you are initiating your traveling from the UK to Asia, then it will take around 12 hours to reach Thailand. The flight is really hauled but after getting there, you can quickly hop a flight to the neighboring countries and islands. Hong Kong is just 3 hours away, Bali is only 4 hours and you can reach one of the most modest countries in the world Singapore in just 2 hours. Many of the connecting flights make Bangkok its layover so no season goes low in the crowd.

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