4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Most of those who are reading this would readily admit that they are not all happy and balanced. Eventually, the daily grind of office, travel and home can make even the most balanced person tired of the monotony. No wonder, one of the most common worries of those toiling in the modern world is how to achieve that elusive state of balance.

The concept of work-life balance can get quite perplexing at times. The seemingly unattainable goal of work-life balance is by way of an equally elusive path of happiness and contentment. What is it that which makes it so hard to achieve?

4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Work-Life Balance
Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all model of work-life balance as the obstacles are different for everyone, and even for a particular person, these factors are constantly liable to change. On the other hand, the solution does not have to be difficult or complex, but a few simple things can help you along this path.

Determine the cause of your imbalance
Try to identify the lack of balance that you feel and the factors that influence the same. It could be an overloaded work regimen, a long commute or a lack of energy at work and home. Devote some time to make sense of your current situation and identify your imbalances and their root causes. You can then proceed to craft a plan to remedy those imbalances.

Match your personal rhythms and functioning
For those who face a lack of energy, the answer might be to coordinate one’s work and personal activities around the personal highs and lows. If a morning person, you can devote time in the morning to deal with important and energy-draining tasks. If you tackle these in your more sluggish times, you’re not only likely to falter, but also can be put further off your balance.

Finding extra time
Of course, there are only 24 hours in every day, but what matters is how you utilize those hours. You can easily create “more time” for yourself, say for example by maybe waking up 30 minutes earlier every day? Think about all the things that could be done with the minutes each day. Make an effort to find that time, and it’s recommended that you fit in a yoga routine.

How yoga can help
Moderate exercise of any sort can be a boost to your energy levels, just make sure that you don’t tire yourself out. In this, yoga can immensely improve one’s levels of energy, strength and endurance without too much strain or physical activity. Even a short session of rhythmic/regulated breathing or mindful meditation can prove a tremendous fillip to your regular routine.

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Regular practice of yoga can help one tackle work-life balance in multiple ways – by way of exercise, fitness, therapy, meditation, rejuvenation, improved flexibility etc. And if you get tired of the monotony of regular yoga classes or studio sessions, you can always opt to stir things up by way of a yoga teacher training vacation in Bali or some other exotic destination.

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Tracey Rohan-Irwin
Tracey Rohan-IrwinTracey has worked extensively in the field of fitness and health since her early twenties. With a background in fitness training and holistic living, she started off as a personal trainer for private and corporate clients, and has continued on her own personal journey through the study of yoga and other spiritual disciplines. She travels all over the world, seeking out the best teachers in areas of fitness and health to bring a wealth of knowledge to her own yoga teacher training.