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How to Save Battery And Increase Battery Life on Android



How to Save Battery And Increase Battery Life on Android

Tremendous change of technology has shaped the world. Embracing this change requires some knowledge, tips and tricks, and definitely, the resources. But once you got the gadget, you have to get used to it and learn some life hacks that could make your mobile phone last longer. Making your phone last longer makes it very convenient to bring it anywhere and anytime, usage lasts with the help it caters. If you would like to know how to save battery on android, here are some tips that could increase battery life.

How to save battery on android


This is the frequent problem majority of people disregard. Phone’s brightness consume so much battery than you think. Remember to configure it every now and then. This tip can also save your eyes from visual blurring.


When not needed, you can always turn off these features to save some battery. If possible, just use wifi more than 3G or 4G, It will save you a lot.


Obviously, even you’re not using your phone it consume your battery. You’ll just be surprised seeing your phone again with big percentage being cut off.


Uninstall infrequently used apps to lessen battery consumption and use push notification from an email provider instead. This will also give you more memory storage.


Whenever you’re not using your phone, busy with some stuff or what, you can turn on airplane mode so your battery won’t be lessen. This is also a perfect method when you only have 1% left of battery with you. Airplane mode doesn’t lessen even a bit of battery.

Applications are being updated from time to time by their makers to lessen battery usage and efficiency. Keeping your apps updated will give you this benefit.


Vibration mode saps battery life real quick. As everytime you tap or a notification comes up, the phone will vibrate. It is so incovenient and uncomfortable specially when in an event.


Make sure to go to screen timeout(sleep) time. This function can be found mostly under the lock-screen or display setting.


This will enable you to save battery every-time you’re busy or sleeping. No more unnecessary charging, and it also help save energy and extend your phone battery life.

USE POWER SAVING(Battery Optimization) FEATURE

If you’re an Android phone user, this may specially apply to you. This feature help to minimize background data that saps your phone’s charge.

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6 Budget-Friendly Smartphone for Your Kids Use





Most of us look for smartphones that offer the best features and specifications. Today, with the advent of technology kids also love to fiddle with these smart gadgets. Ultimately, we cannot stop them from using phones, but it can have basic components with restrictive elements. 

The mobile for children can include a few smart and playful apps along with calling and texting functions. Moreover, it is a good idea to get it covered with cellphone insurance that safeguards against unseen theft, loss, and damage.

There are plenty of brands available in the market that encompass an array of functions and features. You can choose it based on your budget and the level of autonomy you wish to give your child. 

Here are some of the reliable picks for kids in the affordable price range.

6 Budget-Friendly Smartphone for Kids 

  • Nokia 4.2

Nokia was one of the prominent brands that gave us the experience of using mobile phones back in the 2000s. With the evolving technology, Nokia 4.2 model is a perfectly budgeted smartphone that doesn’t compromise on any corners. 

It is filled with exciting features like a biometric face and fingerprint scanner that your kids will love absolutely. For entertainment purposes, it has an HD+ screen that is suitable for playing games, or streaming shows. The 4G LTE bands ensure proper network connectivity with the kids when they are out. It also supports a dual camera with editing functions, to enable them to get creative when clicking pictures. 

  • iPhone SE (2020)

Apple has launched the cheapest smartphone ever with its iPhone SE model in 2020. The iPhone SE is basically a powerful version of the iPhone 11 with the latest software updates. Coming with an iPhone warranty, parents will get almost all the high-end features available in other top models of this brand paying much lesser. 

It’s built-in parental controls enable parents to set restrictions on time duration and apps that they can download. Another plus side is the iMessage chat if the entire family is on an iPhone. It allows easy sharing of files and photos over AirDrop. 

  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit provides a major deal of a pocket-friendly smartphone that offers good battery life, responsive CPUs, and great designs. It incorporates the idea of a smart device with features like front and rear cameras, flexible layouts, and voice commands. 

Kids can easily download popular apps like Instagram and Facebook with other internet functions and music. This Android enabled device can easily use Google’s Family Link app that helps to operate it with parents control. 

  • Moto G8

Motorola has managed to come up with an impressive smartphone Moto G8 fitting in the tight budget with a relatively well-performing package. It supports the latest Android 10 version with a decent camera and sustainable battery life that will last long. 

For most of the children, 64 GB storage will be enough to store photos and other apps. A remarkable display of 6.4 inches, and plastic body built-finish the phone will certainly not disappoint the young users. 

  • Honor 10 Lite

In the recent wave of mid-range smartphones Honor 10 Lite is a value-added model. The phone looks brilliant with its design like a water notch display. It won’t put your child down as it gives a smooth performance with its processor of 3GB RAM. 

This smartphone has to be appreciated for its ample storage featuring a generous 64 GB space. Some other exceptional attributes that this phone offers are the screen protector, big battery, selfie camera with extensive 24 MP, and rear dual camera with 13 MP. 

  • Monqi

If you are willing to give a feel of Android and iOS handsets, opt for Monqi the child-friendly designed smartphone. This phone can be linked to other smartphone devices and enables the parents to regulate everything on their child’s handset. 

With sophisticated features like geofencing and geo-tracking, parents can control the illicit activities of the child. Apart from this, the phone offers access to the internet, games, connection to friends, and many more. This gateway smartphone with the latest features satisfies both parents and kids alike. 

Bottom Line

In this age, smartphones have become the most needed technology for everyone. There is no need to stick to old school phones today. Parents should not take it in a negative light instead, it can have many benefits for the child. 

They need to implement proper parental control that will relieve them from any additional headaches. When parents select an age-appropriate smartphone they can protect their kids against harmful content. 

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