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Medical School Personal Statement Help Ultimate Guide



Medical School Personal Statement Help Ultimate Guide

Before moving ahead, you might be wondering what a personal statement is? It’s a written statement that helps your application process for admissions at a university or college. This personal statement is an opportunity for students to grab the seat of the institute. Here, one mentions the reason for selecting the particular course, and what essential skills or experience he/she has that determine the passion for that subject.

Once done with the MCAT or GPA test, medical students prepare themselves for applying to medical schools. Most of the students have been rejected in the first level of the interview as the committee didn’t give much weightage to the personal statements. This is really heartbreaking for students.

Drafting medical school personal statements is not that easy as various factors are judged by the officials conducting interviews. Students seek the help of the best medical personal statement editing services that help the candidates to increase the chances of enrollment in medical colleges.

Why is there a need for a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is just like a CV that gives the job seekers a chance to show what & why they are good in a specific field. This is a golden chance for the candidates as at any cost they don’t want to miss the opportunity. They will try to prove themselves better than other applicants. Isn’t it?  

The same goes for medical students applying for admissions in good medical schools. Here, they will speak about the strengths, abilities, or any professional experience. This makes their application more vigorous than other premeds. In short, you want your personal statement to stand out from the crowd as well written statements make a big difference.

Catch Some Productive Tips to Make Your Personal Statement Efficient

In this medical school personal statement help guide, you’ll catch some useful tips for creating a personal statement. Just have a look below:

➤ Length of Personal Statement-  Generally, a personal statement should be precise and clear. The statement with a lot of unnecessary words becomes the reason for rejection. Generally, it should be not more than 150 words as it is a kind of summary, not a big letter.

What Personal Statement should Include-  Three major things that the statement must contain:

  1. Your Biography(including interest, hobbies, strengths, etc.).
  2. Your Capabilities( talk about technical skills you possess for a certain field).
  3. Your Career Plans ( a brief about the introduction of what you want to be in the future).

Make sure you checked all the boxes by explaining to them while drafting your personal statement. In case of help, you can take assistance from the job description mentioned in your resume or CV. 

The Pattern of Writing the Personal Statement-  The Statement should start with “Who are you?”. A nice introduction about you makes an impression. There is no such hard & fast rule regarding tense. You can write in any tense but need to maintain consistency.

Do’s & Don’ts:

– Must mention your strengths clearly but should be true.

– A solid reason for showing interest in a particular field.

– Once drafted, then ask for others’ feedback. See what opinions they give you and make potential changes.

– Don’t try to copy other content as it will not look genuine.

– Don’t stress on one thing that is covered in your personal statement as the interviewers can confuse you with a jumble of questions.

– No grammatical or spelling related errors.

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Why Medical Students Should Opt For Admission Counselling?



Why Medical Students Should Opt For Admission Counselling?

When a person wants to continue his or her studies in the medical field, the biggest question is- Which medical school to choose? And whether you will get admission or not? That’s where the need for medical school admissions counseling arises. You can hire them to help you with the whole admission process, including how to write your medical school application correctly. An application is critical to impress the councils, who will decide whether to select you or not? In other words, the better your application, the more your chance of getting admission increases. Here are a few benefits of hiring a medical school admission counselor. 

Inside News

Every medical school has different criteria for the selection process to choose a student. If you are not aware of the criteria, you might end up writing an ordinary application. But how does hiring a Medical School Admissions Counseling make any difference? Well, these counselors have been working in this field for years. They know everything about the selection criteria. Like- what are the points that selectors focus more on? What’s the latest format of the application that is acceptable? And many more such vital points.

In some cases, these consultants also have connections with the school boards, giving them every detail of inside information. They can help you write an application that fulfills every criterion, increasing your selection score. Thus hiring an application counselor will only increase your chances to get admission to your favorite medical school.

Preparation For The Interview

After application, the second most important test you are going to face is the interview. Every medical school wants to give admissions only to those students that are worth it. To prove that you deserve a seat in their school, you have to impress them in the interview. But since you are going to give this interview for the first time, you need proper preparation. Hiring a medical school counseling can give you some relief. 

They have been training students to pass the medical school interview for years. And with the selection of their every client, they get to know a new thing or update. It improves their skills, allowing them to help more students pass the medical school interview with a good score. For beginners, these counseling services are worth hiring. You can hire them to guide you throughout the medical school selection process.

One-To-One Attention

There are two types of medical school counselors- the one that is appointed by the school/school counselors and personal counseling. Asking assistance from a school appointed counselor does not mean that they will give proper attention. In most cases, school counselors don’t charge students and are not well qualified to take guidance. On the other hand, a private counselor will provide one-to-attention to each of their students. Hiring personal counseling services is more recommended as you’ll learn more things from them than a school appointed one.

Final Words

So, these were a few benefits of hiring a medical school application counselor. In the end, if you enjoy reading this blog, please share it with all your friends or acquaintances that are planning to join a medical school.

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How To Find a Good Medical Admission Consultant?



How To Find a Good Medical Admission Consultant?


Nowadays, consultants are quite demanding. Whether someone wants a favorable job, looking for career guidance, or any other supporting services, consultants are always ready to help. Medical admission consultant is essential for the students who need assistance to clear med interviews for getting into schools.

Once the student gets the med score, the next stage is to prepare for the interview. Students need to have good writing & communication skills to thrown an impression on the interviewers. A personal statement plays a pivotal role in cracking the interview. Med consultants help students to write effective personal statements & essays that are accepted by authorities.   

The student’s personal statement should be grammatically strong & the tone of words should be outstanding. This written piece of paper is a challenge, as well as an excellent opportunity to clear the interview process. The student with less score or poor written skills always looks for the consultant to improve & learn. 

Finding good medical school admissions consulting services is a hassle task as the number of consultants are available. Let’s know how to differentiate the right med professional who can assist you better:

➤ Ask Consultant Relevant Questions

The first step is to communicate, which helps you to make a better decision. It’s your responsibility to ask the relevant questions from the consultant to know whether the person is a perfect fit or not. Know about his knowledge of the medical field and the pattern of authorities accepting the candidates. While communicating, one can analyze the skill level of the consultant. Sometimes there are a group of med consultants perfect in a specialized field and helping student to clear the interview. One can talk to every consultant contributing to the interview preparation.

➤Match Fee with the Services 

One needs to pay for the consultant service but ensure the money’s worthiness. The fee should be suitable for the features the consultant company offers. The consultant will give additional help to the student- like extra time to know the student’s need, etc. It’s essential to see the genuine care they have for every student. Is the company actually willing to help the student to clear the interview? So make sure the money is matching the facilities of the med consulting company offering. 

➤ Past Record of Students

If you’re looking for the best medical school admissions consulting service, this is a crucial factor in understanding the effectiveness of med professionals. Before finalizing, ask them the past record of students clearing the interview. Indeed, one can have a better picture of the consulting service. 

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5 Reasons Why Daycare Centers Are So Important for Parents



5 Reasons Why Daycare Centers Are So Important for Parents

Kids are super active and curious to know about their surroundings. As they start growing up, parents get worried about their upbringing. Everyone wants their kid to be intelligent and a responsible citizen. It is only possible if you provide them a thriving environment in childhood. If you have recently become a parent and don’t know how to manage life, the centers of daycare in Preston may help. These are the legally recognized places where you can send kids to spend all day under the supervision of qualified people. In a daycare facility, children from different backgrounds spend time together. The proximity of children of the same age gives them an opportunity to develop a lot of positive things in personality. The buildings of daycare centers are smartly designed in a manner to accommodate kids safely. For parents, they are not less than boon because of the following reasons 

  1. Find adequate personal space

Personal space is one of the most common issues faced by all parents. When a new member becomes a part of your family who requires more care, things drastically change for everyone. After returning back from stressful working hours at the office, everyone looks for some personal space which is not possible in the presence of hyperactive kids. A nursery in Preston takes care of your kid all day. Bring them back home whenever you feel comfortable. 

  1. Peace of mind during working hours

After becoming a parent, many things change in our daily life routine.  Kids need more care because they are unaware of the surrounding environment. While at work, we always remain worried about their safety and security. At a child care center in Preston, your kids will get assistance from professionals who are specially trained to take care of their safety, health and overall development. Centers recognized by the government are fully responsible for taking care of their needs as well as providing a thriving environment. 

  1. No worry about their feeding

Adequate nutrition for the growth of children is necessary. When you are out on a professional trip or working in the office, there must be a responsible person taking responsibility for their daily nutrition requirement. Here comes the role of professional childcare centers. During the admission time, they provide a complete menu of daily nutrition charts strictly followed on a regular basis. 

  1. Schooling becomes easy 

Daycare centers actually prepare your kid for schooling. They provide a friendly environment where children of the same age group meet together every day. It develops social skills and eliminates the hesitation of communication. Children gain enough confidence to interact with the outer world. they don’t resist when you try to send them to school for the first time. 

From the above points, we can see that daycare centers are beneficial for both parents and children. All you need is to find a government-certified daycare facility taking all responsibilities bringing to dropping back at home safely. 

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Best way to prepare for GRE




Best way to prepare for GRE

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. It is a test that is required to get admission in many management colleges in USA, Canada, India and some other countries. GRE Quant questions, analytical writing and reasoning questions test skills and aptitude of students. GRE is a marathon and requires lots of preparation.

Some tips to prepare for GRE are-

1.Advance planning-

Sometimes students don’t get enough time to prepare and plan for the GRE exam. It’s not possible to get a high score without it. Hence it is absolutely imperative to register for GRE test date as soon as the dates are out. The requisite number of spots fills up very fast, so keep an eye out and lock the date.

2.Familiarize yourself-

You should take a GRE diagnostic test to get to know about your strengths, weaknesses and the general pattern of the exam, especially regarding what kind of questions are asked.

3.Methods to prepare for GRE-

Any of the following methods can be used to prepare for GRE-

1)Online personal trainer-

Preparing with an online personal trainer allows you to study based on your personal needs, study at your own pace and you get personal guidance.

2)Self preparation-

A large number of full length free GRE sample tests are available online as well as books.

3)Coaching classes-

They provide the comfort of studying in a classroom environment.

4.Practice tests are essential-

GRE requires intensive preparation and lots of practice. Weekly practice tests help to prepare students to stay alert for four hours of the GRE exam. Take at least ten tests before attempting the GRE exam. Only reading/taking lessons and doing practice sets is not enough.

5. Find your target GRE score-

Your practice tests score should be compared with the average GRE scores of the most recent class of each program. This information can be found on the respective business school website. Your target score tells you exactly where you stand.

6. Good techniques are important-

Pay attention to how you tackle every question at the time of practice tests. Focusing on only the results won’t add to your scores later. The way you approach and solve a problem will prepare you to be better at taking the GRE.

7. Expand your vocabulary-

Vocabulary is a huge part of the GRE Vocabulary section and is extremely heavy. Reading good English academic journals, newspapers, fiction and non- fiction books, and magazines will help you learn and absorb many words. Add and learn any new words you come across in your practice tests or practice problems.

8. Know the kind of questions asked-

Some questions in the GRE have multiple answer choices, some questions have a numerical answer, and some have quantitative comparisons. You should recognize the questions you consistently get and the ones which go wrong, and learn approaches that work for all types of problems.

9. Record your mistakes-

Keep an account of all your mistakes, the right answers and steps to get to them. Tackle and understand these problems on an everyday basis so you are prepared to take on any question at the time of exam.

10. Attempt the exam two times-

Always plan to take the GRE two times as there has to be a gap of 21 days between the two tests. Hence plan ahead as the thought of another chance will put your mind at ease.

Hard work, intensive preparation, and dedication help in acing the GRE exam. GRE Quant questions, reasoning, analytical writing have to be practiced over and over to eventually crack the exam.

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How to Ace Board Exams?




How to Ace Board Exams?

The exams for Classes 10 and 12 are touted as the most important exams of your school life. Before you start the preparations for your board exams, you need to know that it is a very crucial exam. Board Exams are conducted for students of Classes 10 and 12. Now, preparing for the board exams can be quite stressful and challenging. However, if you strategize and plan your studies, then you could easily become the topper in the board exams. 

Now, as the exam dates come closer and the study hours decrease you are bound to get finicky and find exams a scary affair. However, you can be at ease. Cracking the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board 2020 exams need not be tough. Find here some tips and tricks listed out that could help you top the exams easily:

Tips To Follow

  • Do not cram for the exam: Always ensure that you understand the topic well and learn it thoroughly. Focus more on the quality of studies, rather than on the quantity of studies. Have small targets set and reach them within given deadlines. 
  • Have a proper time-table to study: Have a customised plan that suits you the best. Furthermore, make sure that you stick to the plan and complete the topics or subjects as assigned. Make time for revision as well. Studying at your own pace will help you to focus. Make sure to space out the lesson plans as evenly, as is possible. 
  • Solve sample papers: This helps you to get acquainted with the question paper format and will boost your confidence. Solve as many question papers as possible. Solving the practise papers is also the best way to identify the mistakes early on and rectify them. 
  • Work more on tough subjects: Spend more time on subjects that you find challenging. Put extra hours and re-work on these over and over again. Make sure that you understand the concepts and master all the complex formulas. 
  • Solve past year papers: Have an alternate day regimen set for solving the question previous year question papers. Also, after solving the papers, see where you went wrong and then study those topics all over again. Mistakes that come up while solving the papers can be revised the next day. This helps you to face the exams more fearlessly. 
  • Breaks are required: Do not study for long hours and continuously. Make sure to take a break and refresh yourself. Never over-exert yourself. Also, make sure to not overindulge. 
  • Know when to give up on a subject or topic: If you find any particular topic difficult or is not able to learn it, despite slogging over it for a long time, then give it up. You can revisit later to see if you can learn anything. 

If you have done as required, you will find that acing the board exams will be easier. These tips are useful for students of Class 10 of Karnataka board as well as for those of Karnataka PU Board. Now, apart from this if you are studying in the last minute, it is best to leave out the extra material and stick to the school syllabus and prescribed textbooks. This works, especially for Class 10 exams. 

These are the success mantras that were followed by most of the toppers. And finally, whenever you get a difficult question for the exam, look at it with an open mind. Follow these tips and flying through these board exams is sure to be a breeze. 

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