6 Things About Mattresses You Must Know

To buy a new mattress is like getting car insurance. It requires comparing features, price, and brands. You also have to make up your mind on whether to buy latex or innerspring, natural or inorganic. Luckily, you do not go through the same when buying a bed. If you are curious about picking the right mattress, here are 6 things you need to know about mattresses. These will help you pick the most appropriate mattress for your age, health condition, and stage of life.

6 Things About Mattresses You Must Know

Replace the mattress every 8 years
You have to replace the mattress after 7 to 10 years depending on the comfort and support. The mattress life varies according to how you care for it, your rotation cycle, and sleep pattern. A mattress is a performance gear for sleep. A good mattress will give you healthier and better sleep. It is no doubt that you will realize when to get a replacement according to how you feel on waking up.

Firmness in a mattress is good for the back
The rule of thumb is to look for a mattress that suits your sleep position and gives your body comfort and support. Ensure to choose a mattress that suits your needs. Soft mattresses conform to body shape, and mattresses with medium firmness offer comfort and support to lessen pain. A very firm mattress gives better support. A firm mattress has many benefits including:

  • Less back pain and discomfort
  • Enables body to relax
  • Promotes regenerative sleep

A good mattress prevents tossing and turning
At 4 months, babies usually roll over in sleep. Adults can move as much as 75 times a night. This can be a simple twitch or a full out roll. The movement during sleep alleviates pressure point pain and lessens strain and stress on the back and joints. Luckily, you can buy a premium quality mattress online UAE to lessen movement during sleep. This will offer pressure point relief to allow you to enjoy better sleep.

A good mattress adjusts well on the first experience
It takes some people about a month to adjust their body to a new mattress. Depending on how many hours you spend sleeping, muscles and joints recollect the most comfortable spot on the mattress. When buying a new mattress, consider reading reviews to understand what other people say about the product. A good mattress should offer natural progression to your sleep pattern.

Flip and rotate the mattress to keep it in good condition
Some mattresses are single-sided and do not need flipping over. However, for maximum enjoyment, sleep in various positions on the mattress to compress the mattress evenly. Ensure to rotate the mattress for every 6 months for the first time and quarterly afterward. To start sleeping on your new mattress, keep rotating every two weeks to get the right body impression. This is necessary for the upholstery materials to conform to your body shape and weight.

Opt for a mattress with a longer warranty
A warranty covers materials and workmanship of the mattress. Therefore, ensure to buy a product that is not likely to wear and tear a few months after purchase. Take time to read the warranty carefully since the terms and conditions vary by manufacturer.


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