Lifestyle Hacks to Avoid Cancer Permanently

You probably have heard contrasting news and reports on cancer prevention and how to avoid cancer. Sometimes the cancer-prevention tip is recommended for the specific type of cancer but it is circulated for all the cancer types which are not worthy of.

In many cases, what we think as a cancer prevention tip is still emerging facts and not the final one. However, it is possible to reduce the risk of cancer to great extent by changing you are the lifestyle choices you have already made.

So you are bothered about life hacks to avoid cancer permanently, here are some simple lifestyle changes that can actually make a big difference. Include these tips from the Cancer specialist in Jaipur in your lifestyle and avoid it permanently.

Tips to Avoid Cancer Permanently

  1.  Purify Your Tap Water
    Water is, of course, one of the main reason for almost all disease and for cancer, it implies the same. A purified water reduces your exposure to carcinogens and hormone-disturbing chemicals.
    Even a report from the Cancer Panel of President, which was about reducing the exposure to carcinogens’ suggests that home-filtered tap water is better than bottled water.
    Purify Your Tap Water
    According to a study by the Environmental Working Group, the quality of these bottled water is often is not good and in some cases, it is worse even than the water of municipal sources.
    You should store water in the utensils of stainless steel or glass. It bypasses chemical toxins such as BPA.
  2. Sleep Well
    Sleep Well
    If you are not taking a good sleep, it can cause depression and unhealthy weight gain. The risk of prostate and colon cancer will also be increased. So, spend a little bit more time in your bed and complete your 7 to 8 hours sleep.
  3. Change your Coffee – Switch to Java
    Do you take Instant coffee or styrene every morning to you wake yourself up? It’s time to change this habit! According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, both instant coffee and styrene are potential carcinogens. You can instead take 3 cups of pure java. Harvard researchers told that you can lower the risk of cancer by 20% through a Java cup.
    Change your Coffee - Switch to Java
  4. Try the Gym
    Put some more effort into your healthcare strategy and join the Gym. Exercising on the treadmill makes you leaner, doing intense exercise daily reduced the risk of your lung cancer by one third or half. Join the Gym now and complete all beginners workouts.
  5. Include Mediterranean in Your Diet
    Include Mediterranean in Your Diet

    There are numerous benefits of a Mediterranean diet such as-
    Reduced diabetes risk, Healthy heart etc. Eat like an Italian is also a cancer cutter, for example, olive oil, oregano, garlic, and capers are all proven to reduce your big Cancer risk. But don’t fire up a Napoletana. Try some protein-packed crab linguine for some more muscle-friendly medicine.
  6. Maintain a Healthy Body Mass Index
    BMI is not always bad if it is healthy. However, maximum people have unhealthy weight and if you too are in this list, you must reduce this BMI and maintain a healthy BMI. Research says that maintaining a healthy weight can prevent over 120,000 cancer deaths. If your BMI is greater than 30 (BMI>30), it is strongly linked to an increased risk of many types of cancer such as-

    • Breast (after menopause),
    • Colon,
    • Kidney,
    • Pancreas,
    • Esophagus (adenocarcinoma),
    • Ovaries and Prostate
    • Leukemia,
    • Lymphoma,
    • Multiple Myeloma, and
    • Cancers of the liver and gallbladder

    Make sure that your BMI is normal or make it normal using weight reduction efforts. Cut carbohydrates and higher calories from your diet and go for exercise.

  7. Take a Healthy Diet
    Healthy diet
    mostly confuses everyone. Which food id healthy which is not is quite difficult to decide. Most of the promising diets for cancer prevention on the internet are misleading. However, it is a big factor which really affects the cancer risk factor.
    Calorie count, more than the type of food, forms the crux of maintenance of healthy weight. A plant-based diet with minimal animal products; low sodium and calcium (especially in men) help reduce the risk.Add multivitamin supplements to your diet management. Folate supplement reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer (especially in women with higher than normal alcohol consumption). Calcium and vitamin D also protects against colon cancer.
  8. Reduce Alcohol & Smoking Consumption
    Reduce Alcohol & Smoking Consumption

    Alcohol reduces levels of Folate, a known protector against cancers, in the body. Even a small amount of alcohol increases the risk of Colon and Breast Cancers. Young adult women, particularly, to avoid alcohol at all costs, as drinking at this age has a strong impact on adult breast cancer risk. Avoid alcohol if you haven’t started already, and if you do, tame it to less than a drink or two a month.
    Other than Alcohol, Tobacco is also a dangerous thing and you have to quit it now. Tobacco causes more than 5 million deaths a year. Apart from Cancer, over 50% of mortality in smokers is due to smoking related diseases such as heart disease and COPD. Though popular perception of the impact of smoking is lung cancer. So, stop it today.

Hope this information helped you. Include these points in your day to day life and avoid this dangerous disease permanently. Also, write any query regarding the cancer prevention in the comment section below, we would like to answer your query.