The 2 Diet Methods People are Crazy About & Keto Diet Side Effects

The world is always influenced by the trends. And as celebrities, the trendsetters, flaunt their greek-god-like sculpted bodies, more people are becoming more anxious of their figure.


And so, we gathered some data that could help you achieve your dream bod. Let’s make it all into an easy plan using some methods that won’t make you craving for food. Boost up that morale and choose the suitable diet for you from two of most famous diet craze around.


If you are a heavy fat eater and can’t get enough of cholesterol then this weight loss diet is for you.
Keto diet is a not-so-strict diet that only restricts too much carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates usually come from sugar and starchy foods. Instead of carbohydrates, Keto diet increases the intake of fatty foods for your daily calorie fill.

You probably wonder why it is called as Ketogenic diet. The word Ketogenic came from the process by which fats are used to fuel our body instead of carbohydrates that produce glucose. Originally, we use glucose to gain enough energy. In this diet, it mainly use ketosis as its instrument that converts fat into energy which excretes ketones in the process. Ketones as the by-product of the process is the indicator whether the body is breaking down fats. But when ketones are in a saturated amount which could lead to ketoacidosis, a dangerous process that can eventually poison the body.
Though there are risks using this diet for Diabetes patients as it can trigger ketoacidosis in a serious note.

HIGH PROTEIN DIET & Keto Diet Side Effects

Very obvious as it seems, yeah? This diet makes the best fill for bodybuilders, middle-aged, weight gain prone, and sweet tooths or carby diet. Although soaring high amount of something is really not that good for health, it can help certain people that needs a really great way to take charge of their weight gain.

The 2 Diet Methods People are Crazy About

Protein is well-known for its satisfying property. Satisfying in a way that it can make you feel full for the longest time than other type of nutrition source. There are numerous food with protein and they are also cheap and easy to find. The best protein sources ranges from poultry, eggs, lean organic meats, and fish. All that makes high-protein diet a feasible and convenient diet.

With those two kinds of diet, you can now splurge on your fave goodies. But still, always remember to keep it in moderation. Moderation and prevention is always better and their is no keto diet side effects.

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