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10 Budget-Friendly Tips To Keep Your Home Cool During Summer



10 Budget-Friendly Tips To Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

Extremely high temperatures during summer can make it very difficult for all us to stay calm and comfortable at home. Well, there are different ways to maintain a cool home so that you can spend good quality time with your family members. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks that will help you to keep you home cool without going bankrupt:

  1. Dehumidify Your Home

Humidity is another big problem during the summer season. When heat is accompanied by humidity, then it makes your life more uncomfortable. The best way to reduce the humidity level in your house is to install exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom. These two places in the house are highly humid as compare to others. 

You can also invest in dehumidifiers to maintain the ideal humidity level in the house. The latest technology air conditioning Sydney is another good device that helps in reducing humidity level and also maintains the right temperature in your home.

  1. Restrict the Entrance Of Sunlight

Another good way to reduce the indoor temperature of your home is to restrict the entrance of sunlight. It is so because direct sunlight entering your home can significantly increase the temperature. You should keep your doors and windows closed, placed blinds, or curtains on the window. These are a few ways to keep direct sunlight away from your house.

  1. Switch Off Lights When Not Required

Do you know that light bulbs produce heat, and they can increase the temperature inside your home? All light bulbs produce heat, especially incandescent light bulbs. Therefore, if your home still has these old incandescent bulbs, then replace them with the latest technology LED bulbs. Also, whether your home has incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs, you should turn them off when they are not in use.

  1. Stop Cooking Inside Home 

During summer, you should cook outside and avoid preparing meals inside your home. The heat produces in the kitchen while preparing meals can significantly increase the temperature of your house. Summertime is perfect for your backyard barbecue. This way, you can reduce the accumulation of heat inside your kitchen.

  1. Cover furniture With White Fabric 

During the summer season, you should cover the furniture with white fabric because it absorbs less heat. Thus, white fabric helps you to keep your house cool because white covers will not absorb heat. The white-colored cover will reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it.

  1. Turn On Air Conditioner

You should invest in the latest technology air conditioners that can help in maintaining good temperature and consume less power. You should consider ducted air conditioning Sydney installation in your home to maintain the optimum temperature in the entire house. 

The ducted air conditioner can circulate cool air in the whole house with the help of ducts. Thus, one unit of air conditioner can maintain a cool temperature in the whole house. So, turn on ducted air conditioning Sydney and instantly reduce the temperature of your house.

  1. Plug Out Appliances

All electrical and electronic appliances produce heat. Whether it is refrigerator, TV, grinder, Oven, or iron, all appliances produce heat. Thus, it is recommended to reduce their time of usage. 

For instance, if your kids are continuously watching TV, then you should limit their time. You should also pull out plugs when appliances are not in use. It will significantly reduce heat production by electrical or electronic appliances.

  1. Pick Specific Time For Laundry & Ironing

Laundry and ironing also add to the heat in your house and significantly increase the indoor temperature. Thus, it is recommended to choose a specific cool part of the day to do this task. This way, ironing, and laundry will not add warmth to your house. In addition to this, it makes you feel comfortable when you do not have to follow a strict schedule.

  1. Keep Curtain Damp

This is the traditional way to keep your home cool. You can use this technique as well and reduce energy consumption by cooling units of your house. You can dip your curtain in a bucket of water and hang them again. The hot wind will be converted into a cool breeze with the damp curtain.

  1. Open Window on Cool Nights

Usually, air during night time tends to be cool. You should keep your window open during the night so that you can make the most of cool winds. But, make sure that you should also concern about your security. 

You should ensure security at your home by installing grills so that no one can enter your home through your window.  An only cool breeze can enter your home and make your place cool & comfortable.  Thus, you should keep windows open on cool nights.

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