5 Incredible Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

Life can be overwhelming at times. And it doesn’t get easier as you grow older. College debts, gas bills, electricity bills, internet services like Spectrum internet bills and picking the kids up from school all while working hard. It’s enough to send anyone out of their minds. Unfortunately, we can’t make life’s tough lessons any easier. But we can help you figure out ways quick and easy ways that let you get things done.

Hacks To Make Life Easier
Hacks are usually meant to be easy, cost-free ways that help you get your daily chores done with the least hassle. The word “hack” implies getting the full benefits of something without having worked for it. Life hacks can help you enjoy your life to the fullest, with the least effort. Here are our top 5 life hacks to make your life easier:

  1. Ribbons to help with luggage
  2. Deodorizing with a dryer sheet
  3. Waterproofing with beeswax
  4. Emergency wallet card
  5. Campfires with Doritos

Here’s how they can make life simpler for you.

  1. Ribbons To Help With Luggage
    Baggage can be a huge hassle when traveling. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of a baggage claim mix up, you know what I’m talking about. These days, all luggage looks the same. That is not generalization but fact. If you bought a bag because you thought it was cool and functional, chances are many other people did the same. You could have a nightmare at the airport if several luggage pieces look exactly the same. There’s no way to identify your bags without a sticker or opening them up, right? Wrong! You can simply tie a piece of brightly colored ribbon to your luggage. As the luggage rolls out on the conveyor belt, you can find yours easily and avoid confusion or panic.
  2. Deodorizing With A Dryer Sheet
    Deodorizing With A Dryer Sheet

    College dorms, frat houses, and shared apartments aren’t always the cleanest of places. All the partying, food, alcohol and smoke can really leave a mark. And not just on the furniture, walls or floor. There can be a faint, unpleasant smell that doesn’t go away despite your best efforts. Should you invest in indoor flowers, incense, and scented candles? We’d say that’s unnecessary. All you need is a scented dryer sheet. Tape it over the vent of your AC and switch it on. Your room, apartment or home gets deodorized in no time at all.
  3. Waterproofing With Beeswax

    Shoes these days aim more for looks than to last. If you’re an old-timer like some of us, you’re used to rugged shoes. Shoes that can take you cross country, through the wilderness and across mountains. But the shoes we have today rarely stand up to these tests. One of the biggest complaints with modern shoes is that they aren’t waterproof. This can be a bummer even if you aren’t the adventurous type. What if you got caught in the rain? Is a pair of galoshes or Wellington boots your only solution? Not if you can buy beeswax! You can easily find some beeswax lubricating compound on the internet or at your local hardware store. All you need to do is apply the beeswax to the exterior of your shoes and dry it with a blow-dryer. The wax will harden and act as a seal, keeping water out.
  4. Emergency Wallet Card
    Emergency Wallet Card

    This is not a hack you’d use in a normal situation, but it is still helpful. There are many people who die each year because of sudden medical emergencies. Sometimes they die as a result of being unconscious and unable to tell doctors about their medical history. It would be ironic if you survived a car crash but died because of a wrong blood type transfusion. So here is hack number 4: always keep an emergency card in your wallet. This card should list your name, age, blood type, and known allergies. It should also have your emergency contact as well as any medication you’re currently on. Believe it or not, this simple life hack could actually save your life one day.
  5. Campfires With Doritos
    Campfires With Doritos

    Let’s face it. We aren’t as rugged as the generations before us. If we got stranded in the wilderness, we would probably die from hunger, fear, hypothermia or all three. Luckily this hack can help you with all three of those problems. When you’re traveling to remote areas where you won’t find Spectrum triple play or a cellular signal, pack Doritos. Doritos can do more than just being a snack. They make excellent kindling to start a fire. When you can’t gather wood to build a fire, or don’t know how to start one, just pile up some Doritos. Set them on fire and keep adding fuel for a long-burning fire. A fire in the wilderness will let you cook food, keep away wild animals and protect you from the cold. All from a packet of Doritos.


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