Five Tips For Travelling To Thailand On A Budget

Thailand is a popular travel destination among people from all walks of life, because of its budget travel appeal. The Thai Baht offers a very alluring exchange rate to many international currencies, which just further fuels the wanderlust. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the jungles of Chiang Mai and the chilled-out beaches of Phuket, Thailand offers something that appeals to every type of traveler.
Five Tips For Travelling To Thailand On A Budget

The question many people ask is, aside from the excellent exchange rate, is it possible to travel to and through Thailand on a budget? The short answer is yes, it is. The longer answer includes a few helpful tips to aid you in your quest to explore Thailand on a budget. Let’s take a look at five ways to travel to Thailand on a budget.

  1. The Search Starts For Cheap Flights To Thailand
    Notice here that your search for a budget Thailand experience doesn’t start with a visa application. It is representative of the country’s entire approach to tourism – they want to make it as easy and convenient for tourists to enter and enjoy their country.So now that you don’t have to budget for a visa application, you can start searching for cheap flights to Thailand. You’ll find many low-priced flights to Thailand out there, and here are a few ways to expose yourself to the best available:

    • Start your search months in advance, if possible
    • Fly with low-cost yet quality airlines
    • Use student travel sites, if you’re a student, as the bargains are plentiful

    The Search Starts For Cheap Flights To ThailandIt also helps if you’re flexible with your dates or if you don’t mind changing overflights a few times on the way. You could end up saving a great deal of cash if you choose to fly on a Tuesday rather than a Saturday, and also if you choose to take a longer flight there as opposed to one that’s more direct.

  2. Visit Thailand During The Off-Peak Season
    Visit Thailand During The Off-Peak Season
    Thailand’s peak tourism season is generally from November to March. This is also when Thailand’s weather is at its most spectacular, and prices tend to skyrocket.While it’s naturally tempting to plan your Thailand escape during this season, it’s not unheard of for flights to be half the price when buying outside of peak season. There are many magical activities and attractions available during the off-peak season too, just try and avoid monsoon season (Google according to where you will be traveling as it hits different areas at different times) in order to make the most of the magical weather!
  3. Save On Accommodation In Thailand
    Save On Accommodation In Thailand

    Aside from getting to Thailand, your next biggest expense will be accommodation. You can actually save a ton of money here, as there are many accommodation options available:

    • You can rent an entire guesthouse in Thailand for between 400 to 1000 Baht
    • Mid-range hotel stays will range from 1000 to 3000 Baht per night
    • High-end hotel stays start at 3000 Baht per night
  4. Eat On A Budget
    Eat On A Budget

    The old adage of “when in Rome” applies particularly well in Thailand, specifically when it comes to eating. You can save so much money by committing to eating exclusively at local restaurants and street-side stalls. Hotel food is usually Westernized and not truly authentic to the Thai taste, plus it is way more expensive.Tucking into Western food will also see your budget decline at a rapid rate, as it can cost upwards of three times than what local dishes do. And also, enjoy local Thai cuisine while you’re experiencing Thailand, because why not?
  5. Free and Inexpensive Activities
    Our final tip for exploring and traveling Thailand on a budget is to partake in the many exciting and fun free activities available. You don’t even need to search far and wide to be inundated with free and inexpensive activities. Thailand is famous for its markets, and most bars don’t charge a cover charge. There are many national parks that offer free or cheap entry, and you can explore breathtaking caves to your hearts’ content.
    Free and Inexpensive Activities

These are but a few helpful tips to help you plan, travel to and explore Thailand on a budget. Book your tickets and get there already!

Louis Stevens is a South African writer who writes regular content for local personal loan providers, Udu and other financial institutions. His experience leads him to be a master at budgeting, which is why he is sharing his tips on this topic in relation to travel. Enjoy!


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