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Choose Vancouver Swimwear According To Body Shape



Choose Vancouver Swimwear According To Body Shape

Are you confused about choosing the best swimsuit for you? Have the vast varieties of swimwear put you in a dilemma? Then don’t worry we have a solution. Instead of choosing the women’s swim bottoms or tops randomly, you should choose it according to the body type. This way your choice would be perfect and up to the mark. But a question arises: how to choose a swimsuit per your body type?

Here in this article, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks on how to do so. Make sure you keep a notepad with you and note every important detail that will help you in the future while choosing a Vancouver swimwear. Let’s start with it:

Full Bust

Choose that swimwear top that will highlight your bust:

  • An underwire and Thick straps offer you support and comfort.
  • V-shaped necklines will naturally flatten your breasts.
  • You should Choose an underline top having supportive straps.
  • Avoid tight or skinny straps and push-up padding.

Small Bust

Choose that top which enhances your bust:

  • A padded top, push-up, and lifted tops bring out the best curves.
  • Choose the top having ruffles or horizontal lines. It creates the illusion of larger breasts.
  • Avoid solids and flat triangular tops.

Plus Size

Choose that suit which flatters your whole figure:

  • You should wear vibrant colors on those areas which you want to emphasize and dark colors on those which you don’t want to highlight.
  • Prints that are from bust to your hips, create an illusion of a leaner and longer body.
  • Tummy trimming features such as tummy control, ruching, and paneling smooth will flatten your stomach’s appearance.
  • Avoid solid colored suits and bikinis.

No Curves

Choose a sporty swimwear set that enhances both your bottom and top:

  • Tops having horizontal lines, ruffles and designs create a larger bust.
  • Push-ups or padded tops highlight your chest.
  • Choose those women’s swim bottoms having belts or skirts to give an appearance of a large bottom.
  • Avoid the sliding triangle tops and tie-side bottoms.

Short Torso

Choose those swimsuits that enlarge your body:

  • One-piece suits having symmetrical designs provide an illusion of height.
  • That design makes your body look leaner and longer.
  • Choose a one-piece suit having halter and high necks.
  • You should avoid going for two-piece bikinis and the strapless tops.

Long Torso

Choose a beachwear that breaks up your body to create an illusion of a shorter torso:

  • Two-piece swimsuits that are two-toned and have bright colors help to shorten the length of your torso. It makes your waist look thinner and smaller.
  • A high-cut leg, horizontal stripes, and a v-shaped neckline have flattering designs that are best for the women having long torsos.
  • Choose bikinis, Vancouver swimwear, bandeau bikinis, and the tankini styles for best looks.
  • Avoid one-piece suits and those bikini bottoms having cut straight across your hip. 

So, these were the most common women’s body sizes and the swimwear according to it. With these tips and tricks, the selection process will become really easy for you. Make sure you choose your beachwear according to it only, keeping in mind your comfort and looks. Now, you can easily choose swimwear with the best Vancouver swimwear company

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Things You Need to Know About Closures




hair Closures

When you want to try something new without doing anything with your natural hair then you should try body wave lace closure. You know that hair colors are not good for your healthy hair but you want to try a new color. Hair extensions come in different types, closures and pieces. A deep wave closure wig provides the best possible protection to your hair by covering your scalp. Other styles such as partial weaves don’t provide the full protection. You can also add closures to your wig. The lace base gives it a resemblance to a scalp. The lace fabric base comes with attached single hair strands.

Types Of Closures 

Just like frontals and extensions, closures also come in different types. Closures come in various sizes, parts, and colors. You can also find them in different hair textures and types. 


Depending on your style requirements, you can get closures in different parts. You can find closure parting in one way. Some closures part multiple ways. The side part and middle part are the main part types. In case you cannot figure out what you need, you can get free part closures. Now, you can part closure the way you want. Straight, kinky, curl and there are various other textures that you can use to achieve a natural-looking style.


Body wave lace closure comes in different dimensions and sizes. Here size and dimensions don’t represent the length and color respectively. It is the base’s literal width. You can get closures in different dimensions such as:

  • 5″ x 5″
  • 4″ x 3.5″
  • 4″ x 4″ 
  • 4″ x 5″ 

Frontals come in dimensions such as: 

  • 13″ X 6″
  • 13″ X 5″ 
  • 13″ X 4″ 

It is important to know the closure size as it can make a big difference. Some wig makers sell custom wigs. Making such wigs requires the measurement of the client’s head. 

Hair Types 

More textures means more closure options. You can choose from:

  • Malaysian Silky Straight  
  • Malaysian Body Wave
  • Brazilian Silky Straight
  • Brazilian Kinky Curly
  • Brazilian Body Wave
  • Brazilian Kinky Straight
  • Brazilian Afro Kinky
  • Brazilian Gray Body Wave
  • Brazilian Loose Wave
  • Brazilian Deep Wave
  • Vietnamese Natural Wave
  • Vietnamese Straight
  • Russian Blonde Body Wave
  • Raw Indian
  • Spanish Wave

Types of Base 

Closures come with two types of bases including a lace base and silk base. Silk base is durable. However, due to its thickness, it does not lay like a lace closure. To achieve scalp like appearance, you need to tint the base. To get a true scalp like appearance, use closure with a lace base. You need to do some tweaking and adjustments to get the maximum results. The base can be transparent as well. 

Installing a Closure 

It takes only a few simple steps to install closure. Start with braiding your hair down. Do this to lay down closure as flat as possible. Make sure that the closure is secure. You can use straps or glue to secure if the closure is on a wig. A closure can be used in both a wig and a sew-in. Now, add the remaining tracks to the sew-in or wig. Customize by cutting the lace. 

Maintaining Your Closure 

Frontals require more maintenance as compared to closures. If you are an athlete, buy body wave lace closure. Closures are easy to wash and condition. However, make sure that you air dry your closure. Be gentle while washing or conditioning your closure. Avoid excessive brushing if you want to reuse your closure.

You don’t need to explore multiple online collections to find the right body wave lace closure. Shop now!     

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How to Wash Real Leather Jackets?




Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are an opulent fashion statement and have made a tremendous mark in fashion history. It’s a long-term investment and can be your life-time companion if washed and taken care of properly. Various styles, colors, sizes of leather jackets are available in the market, which uniquely caters to all fashion needs and requirements. 

A biker and jackets are the most classical and modish one, which is a fashion staple. And at the same time acts as a shield against harsh weather. On the other hand, bomber leather jackets are super cool and charming in appearance, perfect for casual and everyday wear. A leather jacket whether it’s crafted from real or synthetic leather requires care and maintenance.

 Increase the reliability and longevity factor of your leather jacket by washing and cleaning it carefully, if not can lead to damage. Following proper washing, guidelines help you to clean in a better way without damaging your precious leather jacket. To avoid excessive dryness and cracks avoid using Ammonia or bleach-based cleaners as they can damage the finishing of a leather jacket. Different ways exist to wash and clean a leather jacket in a proper way without running a jacket. Follow these steps for cleaning leather jacket and see amazing results by yourself.

How to clean the inside of the leather jacket 

Clean the inside of a Mens Leather Jackets by following the below-mentioned steps: 

  1. The first step is to fully turn the jacket inside out and then, hang it on a padded cloth hanger. 
  2. Then you need a bar of soap and a soft sponge to make the mixture of soapy water. After preparing the mixture using a soft sponge to clean the outside of the jacket, in the same way, clean the inside of the jacket. 
  3. The third step is to pay attention to the cuffs and underarms of the jacket. As, they are the most affected area, which should be cleaned carefully by using soapy water and a sponge. 
  4. When you’re done with the cleaning process let it dry in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight as it may dull the color of the jacket.
  5. A light and pleasant air freshener is what you need to give a pleasant fragrance to your leather jacket. 

How to clean the lining of the leather jacket 

Cleaning the lining of the leather jacket is the necessary step in maintaining the jacket for a longer span. It’s an inexpensive cleaning method and does not require much time and can be easily done at home by following below mentioned steps. 

  1. Firstly, prepare the mixture of warm water with a small amount of mild detergent. Try to use a laundry detergent, which is specifically designed for cleaning a leather jacket. 
  2. The second step is to fully turn the jacket inside out and then, hang it on a padded cloth hanger.
  3. Use a soft, supple, and easy to clean cloth. 
  4. Then, dip that soft cloth in the detergent water and squeeze it out so that the cloth is only slightly damp. 
  5. Focus on the affected areas; such as the cuffs, armpits, and collars, and wipe your leather jacket carefully with the cloth where dirt is likely to accumulate. 
  6. Drench the soft cloth in warm water, once the jacket has been cleaned all over, and squeeze out thoroughly. 
  7. Lastly wipe the leather jacket with a damp cloth to remove the soap water. And, let it dry in a cool place. 

Washing the leather jacket by hands 

Hand washing the leather jacket is not that difficult and can be easily done at home, which is better than a machine-washing process. Follow the guidelines below and wash your aesthetic leather jacket without any worry. 

  1. The first step is to fill a large tub or bucket with a mixture of water and soap. Soak the jacket in soapy water and make sure the entire jacket is soaked.
  2. Squash the mixture through the jacket so that it soaks completely, especially the lining. 
  3. Let the jacket soak for ten to fifteen minutes. 
  4. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove stains if found on the jacket. 
  5. After fifteen minutes remove the jacket from the soapy water solution. 
  6. Now remove all of the soapy water from the bucket and refill it with fresh and clean water. 
  7. Remove all of the soapy solutions and rinse the jacket with a lot of fresh water.
  8. After washing the jacket, squash out the water gently.
  9. When you’re done with the cleaning process let it dry in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight as it may dull the color of the jacket. 
  10. Hang the jacket in an airy place for up to three days until it becomes completely dry. 
  11. After the jacket has dried completely apply a good conditioner to maintain the softness and suppleness of the leather jacket.

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Washing the leather jacket in a washing machine

Washing the leather jacket is a better way but if you don’t have enough time to wash it by hands then, machine washing a leather jacket is the only option. It’s not that unsafe to wash the jacket in a machine unless you follow the proper guidelines mention on the tag of your leather jacket. Follow these simple, less-time consuming steps which give your jacket the best washing results. 

  1. Firstly, fully turn the jacket inside out and then wash it, doing up any zippers and buttons, if you can.
  2. Follow the instructions on the tag of your leather jacket to avoid damage.
  3. Place the jacket in a machine filled with water and detergent. Use a subtle or gentle cycle, cold temperature, and small load settings.
  4. Avoid using the spin cycle if possible.
  5. When you’re done with the cleaning process let it dry in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight as it may dull the color of the jacket.
  6. Hang the jacket in an airy place for up to three days until it becomes completely dry. 
  7. After the jacket is cleaned and dry, place it in a laundry bag to protect it from damage, and dust particles.
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Stylish Watch Bands For Your Watch




Stylish Watch Bands For Your Watch

You can’t always afford to buy a new watch and that too of Apple series; however, if you can customize it with a new strap or band of your choice and achieve a new look, it will make you stand out. You can either opt for Apple watch leather buckle, stainless steel band Milanese loop, or even sport band that are of high quality and cost-effective and can change the overall look and feel of your watch each day.

 Moreover, with the growing demand for different styles and types of straps, even you can find other makers’ watch bands to woo you with their designs to flaunt it. They have a whole range of sport bands, leather watch bands Australia, Milanese loops and other apple watch bands available for you. Here is a list of all different types of Apple watch band you can buy for watches.

  • Solo Loop

The watch loop is made up of stretchable liquid silicone rubber; it has neither buckle nor clasps and has a seamless loop which provides the needed comfort with its design. You can find the solo loop in seven colors like black, white and others available in 40 mm to 44 mm size options.

  • Leather Bands

You can find leather bands of many colors. These bands will complement your outfit for any prestigious meetings and functions. Many options are available like black leather apple watch band and others to give that smart look in your wrist with a hint of luxury.

  • Leather Loops

A leather loop strap is also a good option for those who want an extension in leather Apple watch band Australia or other leather bands. The leather loop generally has a pebbled texture which is fastened with a magnet concealed within the software. It has a quilted leather style, which easily wraps around the wrist and gives a great fit. They are available in a few of the best color options.

  • Milanese Loop

These are extraordinary looking loops which are made up of smooth stainless-steel mesh. They are easy to wear and fasten magnetically around your wrist. They are very stylish and are available in silver, gold and graphite colors in standard measurement.

  • Leather Single Tour Straps

This strap looks insanely beautiful when added to your apple watch as it gives you a Classic look. You can’t use a single tour strap color depending upon its style.

  • Leather Double Tour Straps

As the leather double tour strap loves the Apple watch leather buckle, it gets wrapped around your wrist twice giving you a fashion element. It is made from smooth Barenia leather or supple Swift leather mainly available in three colors like noil, Fauve and ambre.

  • Silicon sport bands

They have these perfect ventilated designs which make it your best partner while you work out. All that sweat won’t make you feel uncomfortable with it. You can find these bands in 8 colors, choose your style and make a move.

You can get all these options and more watch bands, loop or bracelet style online choose which suits your personality and style.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Microneedling




Frequently Asked Questions About Microneedling

Today, everyone wants to have a beautiful and attractive face. Some are born with one, and some create one. The easiest way to make your face look beautiful is through makeup. But it’s a temporary solution which comes with a cost. Moreover, cosmetics used in makeup are mostly chemical-made that can harm your face’s skin. However, some beauty treatments can make your skin glow without any side effects. 

One of those treatments is microneedling. If you want to know more about microneedling, keep on reading. Following are some frequently asked questions about this treatment. 

What Is Microneedling?

It is a beauty treatment used to increase collagen production in the skin. Microneedling is also called collagen induction therapy. If you want to remove stretch marks and acne scars from your face, this treatment is perfect for you. Unlike those harmful chemical-made cosmetics, microneedling is safe and does not harm your skin in any way. You can only practice this treatment only if you are a healthy person. However, If you are thinking of going for anti-ageing or cosmetic surgery, then think again. Such types of treatments are very costly and less effective compared to microneedling.

What Is The Cost Of Microneedling?

According to experts, this treatment costs somewhere around $100 to $700 per session. Some doctors also offer the facility for financing. This means, even if you have a low budget, it won’t affect your treatment. You can still afford it through the financing payment method. However, it is best if you financially prepare yourself months before your session. Contact your doctor and ask them about the total cost of microneedling, including the side expenses like appointment fees, etc. Doing this will help you set a target you have to achieve to start your treatment session.

Is It Possible To DIY Microneedling?

This is another commonly asked question about microneedling. And we can understand why such questions arise because not all people can afford microneedling therapy. Yes, you can DIY microneedling. There are many best at home microneedling kits available in the market, like the Bella Microneedle starter kit by BeautyEQ, whose demand is increasing day by day. This kit is very easy to use and comes with a wide range of options. 


Besides, there are a few things that you consider when shopping for a micro-needling kit. Following are some of those considerations:

  • Check the ratings and reviews of the seller.
  • Make sure the vendors have published microneedling before and after pictures on their website. 
  • Ask a beautician to suggest you an excellent microneedling kit that you can afford.
  • Customer service is essential. So make sure they offer a good before and after purchase service.

Final Words

So these were some commonly asked questions about microneedling. We hope if you were having any questions about microneedling, it’s cleared now. However, if there’s anything we missed, or there’s something new that you recently learned about this treatment, you can share that information with us in the comment section below. Let’s learn and grow together. 

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Styling Silver Bracelet For Women




Styling Silver Bracelet For Women

Are you looking for a bracelet for your wife? Well, before purchasing one you should know that silver bracelets are available in different styles and shapes. It is difficult to pick out the best one. Ranging from the silver bangle bracelets to the antique charm bracelets, to the pretty silver cuffs, you can have any piece as per your mood or choices. If you think you have the most unique choice, then do not worry as the huge range of variety will surprise you. So, let’s check out the tips below that are beneficial to make the best of your bracelet. 


Style Up with Silver Bracelets

The best thing is to fashion up with silver with the best outfit to wear and watch how your silver shines. For bracelets, three-quarter sleeves or the short look is considered right. In fact, if you own a shirt with sleeves which are a little short then adding a bracelet to the outfit is the best way to fill the gap. Ideally, silver looks great with colours which are cool and bright. Pairing silver with a bracelet and a blue top is the right monochromatic look or adding up some sparkle to the all-black outfit is another best thing that you can choose. You can even slip on the silver bracelet with the trending neon colours to add a pinch of chic look. Styling your bracelet completely depends upon the entire feel, a sculptural silver fits up great with a modernistic, minimal look, and a pair of bangles, concluding with a boho look. This can be paired up with blouses and long skirts. Never shy away to mix up styles! 

Add-on Accessories 

Be it scarves, hats or other accessories everything looks superb with silver bracelets. Still, there are some caveats. Avoid usage of bags with the gold hardware when you are using or wearing silver jewelry as it looks mismatched, irrespective of whatever you add onto it. You will always take in consideration of scarves whenever wearing a silver charm bracelet. In case, you are not careful with what you are wearing, then charms can snag up the hand-knitted or loose woven items by putting holes in the silk in case you are not careful. 

Is Metal a Mismatch?

As per the traditional cultures, one must always wear jewellery in one colour, for example, gold or silver. But, mixing up metals has been a trend for quite some years now. The best measure to wear both silver and gold is to search one such item that incorporates both. This way it looks intentional rather than looking sloppy. Also, some people even add cute friendship bracelets to create another cool look. 


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