Here’s What You Will Find When You Check In a Luxury Hotel

Luxury hotels won’t ever compare to ordinary accommodations. Ask any traveler who checked in a world-renowned hotel. Nothing compares to the services and amenities available in a five star hotel.

Here's What You Will Find When You Check In a Luxury Hotel
Luxury hotels are different from other accommodations for several reasons. People pay a high price to stay in one because of the remarkable features and unparalleled service they provide. Moreover, they care about comfort. They go over beyond providing a roof over your head and a place to rest at night.

If you haven’t been to a luxury hotel, then now is your time to get first-hand knowledge on what to expect when checking in. Below are some of the services or amenities you can have when in a luxury hotel.

  1. Access to fitness facilities
    Hotels are all about relaxation, but they offer variety to guests who want to work up a sweat and stay in shape. Some hotels have the latest types of machinery besides dumbells and treadmills. Others have an Olympic-sized indoor pool for those who want to take a few laps before tucking in.
  2. Unlimited pampering services
    Luxury hotels get different types of travelers. Professionals, backpackers, and families who check in are often stressed from their travel or workload. They look for ways to beat their stress and retain their looks. Hence, hotels set up an all-day spa to cater to their guests’ needs. That way, guests can avail massages, mani/pedi, haircut, and facials whenever they need one.
  3. Fine dining and happy hour
    Each hotel has their specialty. Some hotels offer meals inspired by Asian flavors, European feasts, and American dishes. They have the best chefs in town that ensures each plate that comes out of the kitchen is perfect. The secret to the fantastic flavors on each dish comes from the high-quality ingredients outsourced from different countries in the world.
    Staying in the hotel would not be complete without a drink at the bar. Some luxury hotels are known for their selection of cocktails and beverages. They have creative bartenders who come up with refreshing drink specials for happy hour.
  4. Availability of various sources of entertainment
    There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite performer on stage. Luxury hotels have music halls or theaters for musicians and comedians to entertain their guests. Some hotels frequently invite famous musical acts and other performers to showcase their craft to a live audience.
    Besides live performances, another source of entertainment you get when you check in a hotel is the casino. You can have a world-class gaming experience when you enter the casino floor of a luxury hotel. There are slot machines and tables for card games.
  5. Heavenly beds
    You are sure to get a good night’s sleep when you choose a luxury hotel. These hotels have customized mattress to make them last a long time. Some even partner with award-winning mattress makers to ensure that guests would have an unforgetable sleeping experience. Besides the mattress, these hotels also use fluffy pillows and high-quality cotton sheets.
  6. Personalized amenities
    Not all hotels offer what you need. One hotel might have a Member’s Only Club, but it doesn’t have a kid’s play area. Luxury hotels understand their guests’ needs. Thus, these hotels try their best to provide what you need and you need it. They have laundry services, VIP concierge, and even a cart for going around the grounds.
  7. Stimulating environment
    Luxury hotels won’t keep you cramped in one place. They make you feel special. They help you appreciate your surroundings. Most of all, they value aesthetic. Beauty is all around a luxury hotel. Each corner of the place has a detail that is hard to miss. Each painting or texture has a meaning. When all of the hotel’s design elements come together, they create a relaxing environment that appeals to the senses.
  8. High-quality service
    The staff at a luxury hotel is beyond friendly. They are almost like friends and family because of their exceptional hospitality. They go beyond the act of service as they make sure you feel comfortable and at ease. They help you create lasting memories to make the hotel part of your travel experience.
    Your trip would not be complete without checking in a five star hotel. These perks are proof of the one-of-a-kind experience you would get when you choose to stay at a luxury hotel.


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