BitTorrent & µTorrent Acquired by TRON Cryptocurrency Founder for $140 Million

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Jason Sun is the name who founded TRON(TRX) cryptocurrency, he has confirmed that he bought popular file sharing BitTorrent and utorrent for $140 Million.

Who and What is TRON(TRX)?

According to bitcoinwiki TRON has been established in Sept 2017 that is own by CEO Justin Sun and it’s basicaly blockchain-based, descentralized protocol project that aims to be a content distribution platform for the digital entertainment industry. It also deal in cryptocurrency, TRON(TRX) cryptocurrency coin has been trading since Sept 2017 and reached its highest market TRX price at $0.30 on 5th January 2018 and It’s maximum market cap was $19.7 billion till 5th Jan 2018.

Tron Coin

BitTorrent Inc. was founded by Bram Cohem in 2001 that is famous as µTorrent that has more than 100 million users till now.