Best Home Remedies to Treat Wisdom Tooth Pain

How to treat the pain in the teeth from ingredients available at home

The wisdom teeth start coming around the age of seventeen or the early twenties. They are the last pair of molars that an individual gets. By the times the gums are developed and the eruption of these teeth are a lot painful than other teeth.

Best Home Remedies For Tooth Pain - Treat Wisdom Tooth Pain

There are various reasons as to why the wisdom teeth cause so much pain but these are the most common:

  • Crooked wisdom tooth
  • Problem fitting in the mouth.
  • An infection around the area of wisdom tooth

Pain in the wisdom tooth is very common and nothing to be that worried about. Here are simple things that you can try at home that will make your pain go away:

  • Warm water and salt
    No matter how old this sounds, but warm water and salt rinse is the perfect solution for pain in the teeth. This is a century old solution to the pain in the teeth and the gums. It is also the easiest method to get relief from the pain. All you have to do is put some salt in warm water and rinse your mouth a few times with it. You can repeat is quite a times throughout the day until you are relieved of the pain.
  • Ice
    Wisdom tooth can often lead to the swelling in the gums and that can cause pain. Applying an ice pack to it can help with the swelling and hence help you get relief from the pain. Once the inflammation is down, you will yourself notice the relief in the tooth.
  • Clove
    Clove is the hidden gem of the kitchen. It has so many medicinal qualities. The anesthetic properties help in easing the pain of the teeth. It also prevents any infection in the mouth as it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. You can take some clove oil in a cotton ball and then place it on the tooth and the gums for quick relief.
  • Onion
    Onion is effective for the pain in the teeth because it contains phytochemicals that fight the germs that cause infection in the teeth. Once the infection is cured, the pain goes away. Their antibacterial properties make the teeth stronger and also prevent them from infection in the future.
  • Cucumber
    You can even use a cucumber to soothe the ache around the tooth. Cut the cucumber into small slices and then keep the slices in the refrigerator. Whenever you experience pain in your tooth, you can place one slice of cucumber. It doesn’t taste that bad so you can easily place it directly on the infected tooth for some time. The coolness of the cucumber will help reduce the swelling and the pain in the mouth.
  • Guava leaves
    Guava leaves are also very good for the teeth. They have antibacterial and disinfecting qualities that can help reduce the pain in the mouth and also make the teeth stronger. There is no particular way of applying it. Simply chew them slowly in your mouth and the juice from it will affect the teeth within minutes. You can even boil them and later use it as a mouthwash.

The pain arising from wisdom tooth is temporary but if you feel that the pain is persistent, then it may be an alarm for the infection in the mouth. That’s why it is better to look for Nearest Dental Clinic and get the checkup done at the earliest to prevent the spreading of infection. If the pain is short-lived, then these home remedies for tooth pain will definitely be effective.


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