Best Cell Phone Spy App to Monitor Your Partner

The market of spy tools and apps has a great demand these days. Parents as well as people in relationships are using them to spy on the target users. But there are not enough good and reliable mobile spy app. However, BlurSPY is unique in this regard. This spy app has all the best features and is amazing when it comes to performance.

Best Cell Phone Spy App to Monitor Your Partner

In this post, we will talk about why BlurSPY is the best spy app to monitor your partner and what features it offers to track the phones of your husband or wife. Let’s explore the features and important things about BlurSPY app.

Best Things about BlurSPY App

There are so many great things about BlurSPY app. Below are some of these that will make you believe you have chosen the right app to monitor your partner.

Becomes Indivisible

This is the best thing about BlurSPY. When you install it on any phone, the app becomes invisible. It will have no physical presence or signs or icons on the phone it was installed. Your partner will not be able to find that you are tracking their phone with BlurSPY app.

Great Performance

Performance is amazing. We have been using this app for over a month and found it great in terms of performance. It works in the background but doesn’t affect battery. It works flawlessly and have no issues. All features are perfect and work as they are.

Unique Features

Features of any Android spy make it different and unique. This is what BlurSPY has. All the features are amazing and required for modern-day spying. Screen recorder, social media hacking, bugging mic and camera, password chaser are some of the best and unique features.

Perfect Design and Interface

Using any app can be a hard task for the users if the app has a complex design and intricate interface. But this is not the case with BlurSPY which comes with a simple and nice design. The interface is user-friendly that offers maximum support to the users. You will find it easy to use BlurSPY app.

Features of BlurSPY App

Now coming to the features, BlurSPY offers all the best options when you have to spy on the phone of your partner and track their activities. Let’s talk about some of the best features for partner tracking.

Location Tracker

Parents will need this feature in order to know about the locations of their kids. Many parents are worried when their teens go out. So this feature is helpful for all such parents.They can track the live locations of their kids as well as see the weekly location histories of their children. The feature can be very helpful when it comes to protecting teens.

Message Tracking

Sexting is a huge problem for the parents nowadays. The use of phone, internet and dating sites has led to this issue. There is a dire need that parents control their children and know what they do on their phones. With this feature, parents will be able to check the text messages of their children and prevent sexting. They can also block any strange numbers.

Call Tracking

For digital parenting, it becomes inevitable for the parents that they should track the phone calls of their children. This feature by BlurSPY app is very effective when it comes to tracking phones. Parents can intercept any live call to listen to the phone of their kids. The phone calls can also be recorded with this feature.

Social Media Monitoring

In this time and age of social media and internet, it will be hard to do better parenting without tracking social media use of your kids. So BlurSPY brings this feature that allows parents to hack the social media apps of their teens and find out what they are doing. Parents can view and check messages, chats and conversations of their kids.

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