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Best Cell Phone Spy App to Monitor Your Partner



The market of spy tools and apps has a great demand these days. Parents as well as people in relationships are using them to spy on the target users. But there are not enough good and reliable mobile spy app. However, BlurSPY is unique in this regard. This spy app has all the best features and is amazing when it comes to performance.

In this post, we will talk about why BlurSPY is the best spy app to monitor your partner and what features it offers to track the phones of your husband or wife. Let’s explore the features and important things about BlurSPY app.

Best Things about BlurSPY App

There are so many great things about BlurSPY app. Below are some of these that will make you believe you have chosen the right app to monitor your partner.

Becomes Indivisible

This is the best thing about BlurSPY. When you install it on any phone, the app becomes invisible. It will have no physical presence or signs or icons on the phone it was installed. Your partner will not be able to find that you are tracking their phone with BlurSPY app.

Great Performance

Performance is amazing. We have been using this app for over a month and found it great in terms of performance. It works in the background but doesn’t affect battery. It works flawlessly and have no issues. All features are perfect and work as they are.

Unique Features

Features of any Android spy make it different and unique. This is what BlurSPY has. All the features are amazing and required for modern-day spying. Screen recorder, social media hacking, bugging mic and camera, password chaser are some of the best and unique features.

Perfect Design and Interface

Using any app can be a hard task for the users if the app has a complex design and intricate interface. But this is not the case with BlurSPY which comes with a simple and nice design. The interface is user-friendly that offers maximum support to the users. You will find it easy to use BlurSPY app.

Features of BlurSPY App

Now coming to the features, BlurSPY offers all the best options when you have to spy on the phone of your partner and track their activities. Let’s talk about some of the best features for partner tracking.

Location Tracker

Parents will need this feature in order to know about the locations of their kids. Many parents are worried when their teens go out. So this feature is helpful for all such parents.They can track the live locations of their kids as well as see the weekly location histories of their children. The feature can be very helpful when it comes to protecting teens.

Message Tracking

Sexting is a huge problem for the parents nowadays. The use of phone, internet and dating sites has led to this issue. There is a dire need that parents control their children and know what they do on their phones. With this feature, parents will be able to check the text messages of their children and prevent sexting. They can also block any strange numbers.

Call Tracking

For digital parenting, it becomes inevitable for the parents that they should track the phone calls of their children. This feature by BlurSPY app is very effective when it comes to tracking phones. Parents can intercept any live call to listen to the phone of their kids. The phone calls can also be recorded with this feature.

Social Media Monitoring

In this time and age of social media and internet, it will be hard to do better parenting without tracking social media use of your kids. So BlurSPY brings this feature that allows parents to hack the social media apps of their teens and find out what they are doing. Parents can view and check messages, chats and conversations of their kids.

Author Bio

 Ellie Yash is a social media experimentalist and blogger and she is geek in technology and mobile apps development. She writes lot about digital parenting and the dangers for teenage use of mobile phone. Follow my account to get latest scoop of technology updates.

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What Is Project Scheduling Software In Project Management?




Project Scheduling Software

Project management scheduling is the systematic process of listing projects, deliverables, and milestones in a project. It also incorporates beginning and approximate end dates of a project, approximate duration of a project, and tasks assigned to each team member. Effective project management scheduling is an essential component for any project to be successful within the deadline. 

There are six processes of project management scheduling:

  1. Plan schedule management.
  2. Determine project activities.
  3. Serialize activities according to importance.
  4. Estimate resources required for the project. 
  5. Estimate the approximate duration of the project.
  6. Develop the project schedule.

Project management scheduling software is an application-based software that enables project managers to track work schedules, resource distribution, project budgets, and available assets for the project. It can be viewed and updated by team members keeping everyone associated with the project well informed about the overall progress of the project. The main advantage of using project management scheduling software is that the project manager can list all pieces of information online regarding the project, distribute tasks among team members, and can manage work schedules using a calendar to view upcoming deadlines.

Benefits of using a project management scheduling software 

Project management scheduling provides the team members and project manager with the following benefits:

  • It helps the project manager by tracking task progress, delegating tasks to team members, and manage work schedules to complete the task within the deadline.
  • It assists in clear communication among team members and project managers.
  • It helps to identify the milestones and drawbacks faced in the project.
  • It not only helps to monitor the progress of each team member but also the overall progress of the project.

How to do the project management schedule?

There are three types of project management schedules:

  1. A master project schedule: A master schedule is a simple list of tasks with a timeline or a project calendar that helps to complete the project within a deadline.
  2. A milestone schedule or summary schedule: A milestone schedule or summary schedule marks significant milestones and essential deliverables. But it does not show every task required to accomplish the project.
  3. A detailed project schedule: A detailed project schedule is an essential project schedule of all, as it recognizes and tracks each task and project activities. This kind of schedule is ideal for a complicated, comprehensive, or lengthy project to keep track of all activities within the project.

The most common form of project management scheduling software is Gantt charts. The most significant advantage of using Gantt charts as a project management scheduling software is that you can monitor the tasks of the project sitting at a single place. It serves as a visualization application tool that provides the entire overview of the project. It informs crucial data regarding how many members you require in each step of the project, the order in which you will complete the tasks, duration of each task, approximate beginning and end dates, and the progression of each task. Gantt charts serve both as a milestone schedule as well as a detailed project schedule.

Effective steps in project management scheduling

Make a note of all the tasks

The first step in project management scheduling is recognizing and making a note of all the tasks that have to complete. It is not only a project manager’s task, but the entire team should come along to provide valuable suggestions. For ensuring the project’s success, it is essential to identify each element of the project comprehensively in the planning stage. It is important to keep the project scope in mind while making notes. 

Establish the order of the tasks

Once the task has been identified and finalized, the next step is to start working on the tasks. But all tasks cannot be started at the same time. So, the project manager should determine the order in which the tasks based on their importance in the project. 

A Gantt chart project management software is a graphical representation of a project schedule, and that helps in scheduling and distributing the task to the right team member at the right time.

Plan the tasks according to the time scale

The project manager should have an idea of the approximate duration of how long each task will take to complete. It is his/her responsibility to allocate each task in such a way that they last for the right amount of time by changing the duration of the task on project management scheduling software.

Delegate tasks among team members

Once you have finished the planning and sorting of the task, the next step is to delegate tasks among team members by the project manager. You must delegate appropriate tasks among the team members aligning the resources in such a way without overburdening a single person with too much work. When you distribute the resources effectively, you can complete projects within budget and deadlines.

Evaluate the overall progress regularly

The project manager needs to keep a constant check on the progress of the tasks in a project. There should be flexibility in the project to make it possible to change strategies if the progress report of the project is lagging behind its schedule. Evaluation of the everyday progress of the team members is very beneficial to determine if you are supervising the project on the right track or not.

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Nuts and Bolts about Wholesale Blank T Shirts for Boys




Blank T Shirts

Wholesale blank t shirts for boys come in all styles online, ranging from the classical design to stylish t-shirts. One needs to have a close look at the collar and cuffs of a t-shirt before buying it. In the past, there were only two options for purchasing a t-shirt that included tailor-made fitted shirts and off the rack t-shirts. The tailor-made or fitted shirts are above the standard in terms of the quality, but they are expensive. Off the rack t-shirts are inexpensive, but they fit poorly on wearers’ bodies still, they are mass-produced. However, the options for purchasing t-shirts have increased by sufficient margin today. Today, you can buy blank tees, graphic tees, raglan tees, ringer tees, athletic tees, and the list goes on. 

Why Do You Buy a Boy’s T-Shirt?

One buys a boy’s t-shirt with the purpose in mind. One may want to achieve elegance or express one’s taste by buying a t-shirt. There are t-shirts for business and evening wear, so one may buy a boy’s t-shirt suiting a particular occasion. Hopefully, the point is clear to you now: Why do people buy boys’ t-shirts? 

Cost of a Boy’s T-Shirt:

Cost always remain an important factor for individuals to buy t-shirts online. Obviously, people want to get their hands on top-notch t-shirts for a low price; as they do not want to waste their hard-earned money. There are various online wholesalers in the USA (United States of America) that sell blank t-shirts for boys for a plausible price. So the cost of boys’ t-shirts becomes low for the buyers buying it from an online retail store or an online wholesaler.

Male Celebrities and T-Shirts:

T-shirt becomes a trend in fashion when celebrities start wearing them. Kanye West, Raf Simons, Neil Barrett, David Bowie, and many more male celebrities have been found wearing t-shirts on various occasions. The young fans of the preceding male celebrities followed the style of t-shirts that they wore. So celebrities are also responsible for making t-shirts popular among boys.

Wholesale Blank Tees for Boys and Events/Occasions:

Boys’ t-shirts are designed for various events. For instance, raglan tees are meant for baseball, and polo t-shirts are meant for tennis players. Similarly, there are school t-shirts, and tank tops. Then, there are ringer tees, long sleeve, or short sleeve tees. Some of the preceding tees tackle the cold weather, while some of them tackle hot weather. So the point is that t-shirts are meant for different occasions or events.

Boys’ T-Shirts Business:

Selling t-shirts, especially, wholesale blank t shirts for boys is a profitable business; for the same reason, you will find many business owners involved in a t-shirt business. Business owners know that they can make huge profits while doing a t-shirt business, so they opt for this business.

Boys’ T-Shirts and Various Fabrics:

T-Shirts for fabrics are not just made up of 100% cotton or 100% polyester, as such t-shirts are expensive to manufacture. Rayon, Lurex, and Spandex are also used in the manufacturing of t-shirts, as each of these materials serves a unique purpose. T-Shirts made up of cotton are soft, and boys’ tees made up of polyester are soft. Lurex can give a glitter appearance to a t-shirt. T-shirts made up of rayon are stretchy, and spandex is used for manufacturing athletic t-shirts. 

Why Blank Boys’ T-Shirts?

There are three reasons for it, which are as follows: a) These t-shirts can be screen-printed with ease, b) They are cheap, and c) They can be used as a part of boys’ school uniforms.

Blank Boys’ T-Shirts Vs. Graphic T-Shirts:

Should you prefer a graphic tee for boys or a blank t-shirt? It depends on the situation. If you are short of money, and you cannot get your blank boy’s t-shirt screen-printed with the required graphics; then it is wise that you go with the graphic tees. However, if you have money to screen-print the sought after graphics on wholesale blank t shirts for boys; then you should buy a blank t-shirt.


Blank t-shirts for boys come in various styles online. In the past, there were only too options for boys’ t-shirts that were tailor-made fitted t-shirts or off the rack t-shirts, but the options have become unlimited these days for boys’ t-shirts. You should have a purpose in mind while you purchase a boy’s t-shirt. The cost of a boy’s t-shirt would not be too much if you buy it from the website of an online wholesaler. Male celebrities are partially responsible for making boys’ t-shirts popular. Blank boy’s t-shirts are meant for various occasions or events. Businesses have realized the importance of investing in boys’ t-shirts business today. Blank boys’ t-shirts are popular owing to 3 reasons. Last but not least, you need to be very picky while you buy boys’ t-shirts or graphic tees. 

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