Best Advice Given By Specialists for a Glowing Skin

All of us wish to have glowing skin. No matter how old are you, the desire of having a smooth and glowing skin is what every person crave for. There are days where we try our hands on the home remedies or use a variety of face-packs, cream, masks, etc to get the desired results. We often try these things without even knowing about the real pros and cons. Let’s keep it very simple and dig into the best advice that our skin specialists advocate to get a glowing and flawless skin using simple remedies.

Best Advice Given By Specialists for a Glowing Skin

  1. Wave the magic wand of Hydration:
    Hydration is not only essential for our inner body but also for our outer body. This is why it is always said- hydrate your inside-out. Regular drinking of water along with hydration-based face serums and mists is also a suggestion by dermatologists.Wave the magic wand of Hydration
  2. Avoiding hot water shower:
    We crave for a hot water bath during spring or winters. But as recommended by skin specialists- hot water showers are not good for the skin. This simply leads to dry and cracked skin. Thus, any season can be enjoyed with a room temperature or a warm water bath.Avoiding hot water shower
  3. Stay away from UV rays and direct sun:
    Vitamin D is the best for our body, but direct sunlight can age our skin. Applying sunscreen as a protective layer can save our skin from the harmful UV rays. It also shields our skin and prevents dehydration.Stay away from UV rays and direct sun
  4. Getting a quick face-massage:
    A quick face massage is a great way to run the blood flow and keep your skin active. Skin specialists recommend that whenever possible a light and quick face massage can activate your cells and charge your skin.Getting a quick face-massage:
  5. The lippy care:
    The most sensitive skin on our face is our lip-area. We often go through lip dryness, darkness and chapping. The regular use of creamy and moisturized lip balms is the best solution to keep lip skin healthy. Dermatologists also recommend the use of organic colors only in lip balms and to avoid high-pigmented lip balms in a daily routine.The lippy care
  6. A Healthy diet:
    A healthy diet is always a key to achieve an equally healthy skin. Skin specialists strongly counsel the inclusion of the right amount of vitamins, proteins, carbs, and fat to maintain a balanced diet. Avoiding starchy vegetables and including omega-3 fatty acids in your diet is the best meal for your skin.A Healthy diet
  7. The right amount of sleep:
    Last but not the least, sleeping around 7-8 hours is the best solution to all skin related issues. Bad sleep routine causes aging, dark circles and dehydration. Thus, our health specialists encourage us to get the right sleep for the best results. This is often called the concept of getting a beauty sleep to avoid baggy and drowned eyes.The right amount of sleep

No matter how dry, oily, normal or a mixed skin you have, the above tips when included in daily routine are the best ways to get desired results. These 7 tips are the most essential advice given by the dermatologists.

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