Ways To Treat Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Based On Its Phase

One of the deadliest types of disease is cancer. Although with the advancement of science and technology, some of cancer does not have a proper cure. It is as bad as life threatening. Most of cancer we know is detected with the size and type of tumor it produces and it also helps the doctor […]

Is VAT Applicable to Real Estate in Dubai?

VAT is levied on commercial properties in: Dubai In the whole United Arab Emirates Both of following two authorities: Federal Tax Authority, also known as FTA Dubai Land Department, also known as DLD agree to collect 5% VAT on: Commercial properties Relevant real estate services Real estate activities linked with: Commercial properties Located in Dubai […]

Dubai Hills is a Heaven in the Lap of High-Rises

A new and fashionable neighbourhood welcomes residents. It is Dubai Hills. The lap of Downtown Dubai houses it. This locality blends excitement in bland property categories. Following shines its main features. Life sounds better in Dubai Hills Estate. Emaar and Meraas Holding join hands to crzThis aft it. Both are master developers. Dubai doesn’t find […]

Top 7 Toothache Home Remedies That Works

No doubt that toothache is the worst type of pain that stuck you badly and even not allows you to work. In short, toothache ruins the day! Toothache hits you suddenly without any warning or when it gets difficult to go and see the dentist on an urgent basis. When you hit by this unbearable […]

Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Without Medication

Anywhere in the world, high blood sugar is one of the world’s leading causes of death among many people. It chooses no age, gender and race. Also, this is hereditary, which means this condition can be passed from one generation to another. Worse, intense blood sugar level can result in many complications like diabetes, hypertension […]

Best Cell Phone Spy App to Monitor Your Partner

The market of spy tools and apps has a great demand these days. Parents as well as people in relationships are using them to spy on the target users. But there are not enough good and reliable mobile spy app. However, BlurSPY is unique in this regard. This spy app has all the best features […]

Why webmasters should use reverse image search

The life if a webmaster is not easy in any manner. He is an integral part of developing and managing the website. The success of a website is dependent on several factors and the webmaster is mainly responsible for this task.  Creating an image that strikes the audience in a positive manner is a daunting […]

11 Places to Celebrate Your 18th Birthday

“When a girl reaches the age of 18/She begins to think she’s grown​/And that’s the kind of little girl/You can never find at home.” Eric Clapton, from the song Early in the Morning Every teenage Filipina awaits for her 18th birthday as she graces her way to becoming a young lady she wanted to be. […]

5 Tips to Make Your Woman Keep Asking for More Sex with You

As a man, do you think you have that excellent bedroom skill all because you enjoy yourself every time you are in bed with a woman? While you may be right to think that way, have you ever pause to consider how your partner feels? Or do you feel it doesn’t matter and it has […]