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8 Crucial Qualities Of Great Python Developers



8 Crucial Qualities Of Great Python Developers

As per the results of the 2017 IEEE Spectrum Ranking, Python is the topmost programming language for building web and mobile applications. And yes, this language is considered as a gem among programmers because of its simplicity and flexibility. Python is well-known for being an open-source platform facilitating the development of extensive reliable web apps.

Irrespective of many options available in the market, most of the entrepreneurs hire python developers to power their web applications. The competition to pick the best ones from the lot among companies is fierce. In order to help you with this, let’s explore the eight crucial qualities you should look for when hiring Python programmers.

  1. Fundamental Knowledge Of Python Concepts & Specialized Skills In The Language
    This is the most basic quality which you should look for when hiring Python developers. Ideally, they should have a fundamental knowledge of Python concepts, semantics, and syntax. Also, they should have a command over one of the development frameworks, preferably the one which you are going to use.
    The candidates which you will choose should be having the expected skill set and experience so that they will be able to deliver much more than what you require. Don’t settle down for the ones who just have a basic understanding of the language. But pick developers who have specialized skills and expertise in the language.
  2. Impeccable Problem-Solving & Analytical Skills
    This fact must be unknown to most of the people, but Python developers tackle unique and complex challenges on a regular basis. The programmer which you are going to select must be able to look at the problem as a whole. Also, he should be having the ability to divide the problems into smaller chunks in order to analyze it properly and resolve it.
    You should look for the developers who have a logical mindset, abstract reasoning, and a good sense of data analysis so that it is easier for them to tackle and solve day to day complicated issues and problems related to the development process.
  3. Excellent Communication Skills
    Developers have to work in teams so that they can collaborate and coordinate with each other in order to build a wonderful end product. For working in teams, they are needed to communicate and convey their ideas clearly to the others. Also, they have to understand the instructions given to them by their managers. This is where communication skills come into the picture.
    The python programmers must be good in communication so that they can work harmoniously in a team and can take the web app development project forward. A good communicator is essential for convincing and motivating the whole team. Therefore, when hiring python developers, you should keep communication skills as one of your top priorities.
  4. Basic Project Management Skills
    Irrespective of the fact that your python programmers will have their own project managers, it will be beneficial if they are familiar with basic project management skills. They should be able to do their tasks on their own and prioritize, manage, and organize their activities so that to attain their goals within the deadline.
    The Python developers should also be capable to control costs in case they are asked. Also, they should be able to help you in creating logical timelines for the projects. They should have the potential to use the available resources to the fullest and maintain the quality of the end product.
  5. Highly Flexible & Adaptable
    The programmers dwell in a constantly changing environment where they have to keep up the pace with all the latest trends and tricks in the technology domain. Their job requires them to do sudden bug fixes and troubleshoot problems so that to be on the same page with the other members of their team.
    While hiring Python developers, you should consider whether the potential candidates have the ability to learn new things and concepts quickly. Also, assess their enthusiasm and passion towards their work and commitment. You should examine how they react to new problems and situations and judge their capability to act on them independently.
  6. Well-Versed With All The Latest Trends & Technologies
    As the software development industry keeps evolving with new trends and technologies every day, it is mandatory for your Python developers to keep themselves updated with the freshest dose of technology domain.
    You should ensure that the candidates, which you are going to hire are active members of different online communities and forums so that to enhance their knowledge of the programming languages. Also, these communities help them to stay ahead of the latest tech innovations and inventions.
    Always hire those Python programmers who have a habit of reading the latest technological advancements and observing the contemporary software versions. You should ask the candidates to tell about the latest trends, updates, and versions of the Python language. This will give you an idea of the level of enthusiasm and passion the developers have towards their work.
  7. Curious & Inquisitive Mindset
    When hiring Python programmers for your next project, make sure to choose the ones who are curious and ask questions about the details of the project. These developers should try and understand the reasons behind every process and should express their opinions freely. Also, they should have the creative mindset and the urge to create something new.
    A curious mindset shows that the person is eager to learn and they are dedicated to developing something out of the box. Also, it shows that the Python programmers have the potential to transform your web app ideas into full-fledged working products. They should have the capacity to ask questions that you could not even think of and have the urge to find their solutions.
  8. Creative Attitude
    Programming may seem very methodical and analytical. But in reality, it relies heavily on creative thinking. The Python developers you should select must be able to look at the problems from a different angle and should have the power to build something new out of abstract solutions and ideas.
    When hiring Python programmers you should look for the above-mentioned eight qualities. These attributes will help you spot the real talent and pick the best ones from the market who has a wealth of experience in successfully accomplishing different web development for their clients across the globe.

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How Should One Optimize a Website in A Small Niche?




How Should One Optimize a Website in A Small Niche?

The steps one has to take to truly optimize a website vary. Every SEO exec in the market has a different notion of how a website should be optimized. Some focus more on technical SEO, others pay a lot of attention on UX, and some are mostly interested in building backlinkssays Gaurav Heera.

These are only some of the many ways a website can be optimized. A website in a small niche is not very different from any other website. It also has an audience, like other websites, and tries to dominate its own narrow set of topics. 

Compared to a website with a broad base of topics, a website with a small niche can be optimized with relative ease. This is because a small niche typically has fewer competitorssays Gaurav Heera.

In digital marketing, high competition is not an ideal statesays Gaurav Heera. Many websites that do face large competition end up using their resources to beat the other rather than improve themselves. The notion that competition is inherently good is flawed. 

This is why most digital marketing institutes teach students the importance of creating a website that targets a narrow niche. Rather than going after a lofty target meeting which is a slim prospect, choosing a small niche that can be covered quickly is much more desirable. 

In this article, we discuss how a website in a small niche can be optimized.

Focus on Topics Rather Than Keywordssays Gaurav Heera

One mistake niche websites always tend to make is run after keywords. In a small niche, it is more important to cover all the topics which are relevant to the audience. Keyword analysis in a small niche is taxing as there is not enough data to suggest how audiences would react to niche content.

Google’s own data suggests that 15% of its queries are those which have never been searched. 15% is a lot when one considers the multiple billion searches that happen on Google every daysays Gaurav Heera.

According to Gaurav Heera We Should Work More on Relevant Backlinks

The problem niche websites encounter during link building is not being able to find many relevant websites to link from. Naturally, since a niche website has only a few other parallels, it will have fewer options to create backlinks on. 

The key here for someone running a niche website is not to go out of the way to create backlinks. Using outdated methods link forum posting and PR submission may do more harm than good. Even if a niche website manages to get a handful of relevant backlinks, Google will value these more than an abundance of useless backlinkssays Gaurav Heera.

Do Not Be Discouraged by Analytics and Tools

Niche websites are built to serve niche audiences. Most keyword research and SEO tools we use are built to predict large traffic trends. They are not yet capable of understanding how a niche audience behavessays Gaurav Heera.

Thus, if Google Keyword Planner says that your niche topic has only ten searches in a month, that is not an accurate estimation of your niche’s popularity. Most tools are not capable of analyzing niche topics and audiences. Your aim should be to write the best content and cover all topics relevant to your small niche. Over time, you will find regular visitors who you can later convert into customers or anything else which will help bring monetary value to you and your websitesays Gaurav Heera.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we discussed how a website in a small niche can be optimized to have greater traffic and growth.

About Gaurav Heera

Gaurav Heera is an SEM specialist and currently writing guest posts for many top institutes including DelhiCourses, an institute known for its renowned digital marketing course in Delhi. 

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Get Started With The Subscription Flow With The Best Subscription Platforms



Get Started With The Subscription Flow With The Best Subscription Platforms

2020 would be remembered in history as a year where people lost their track to wellness, profusion, success along with finding new paths to sustainability, growth, and achievements in different directions. Initially, 2020 started with the threats to existence and then later plunged into revenue and growth across various sectors, however there are still plenty of businesses that have switched to the subscription model during the COVID spells that’s imported as per the improvement in numbers and progressions. COVID has a great impact on various customer purchasing patterns and actions in order to prioritize the products and services as per their needs and preferences. 

Subscription Business Management in 2021

Subscription business management is something that encompasses the subscription management platform in many aspects that’s related to operating a subscription business and management for managing the multiple business processes. Subscription businesses that can be broadly categorized into various types like digital products, physical goods subscriptions and so on. Management of all types is about planning, directing, organizing, controlling the business’s resources so that they are able to meet the objectives of the policy. The key processes that have to be included in the business are marketing, sales, product development, procurement, accounting and finance, admin and HR, fulfillment, technical support, customer service and so on. Subscription business management is not very different from all these functions. The only difference is an addition to the process called subscription management as per the above-mentioned business processes. It’s important to closely work with the best subscription platforms. 

Subscription Management and its Working

Subscription Management is the main process of subscription business and it deals with the management of subscription cycles. So, subscription management is the process that helps in monitoring, managing the products or services that are sold to the clients on a recurring basis on a weekly, daily, quarterly, or annual subscriptions. From free testing, managing the trials, recurring billing or the mid-of-cycle subscription charges, this is something that covers all the aspects of the customer life cycles from the beginning till the end or right from the start. The subscription billing platforms are definitely going to help out in the financial crisis. 

A subscription cycle is a journey that begins when the customer signs up for the recurring basis for a definite period and this is called a subscription term. At the end of it, the subscription cycle is completed and the subscriber chooses whether to go forward with the subscription or not. These subscription businesses need to strive and retain the customers by offering them all the services exclusively in the form of tailored re-subscriptions or other upgrade plans.

To briefly conclude, it’s a very intricate process and continuous process of keeping up the subscribers on board and then facilitating them with the optimized billing, pricing, and upgrade offers using the customer’s data and providing them with an enhanced customer experience while collaborating with various business processes. 

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Check Out 5 Tips To Sell More With Killer Email Marketing




Check Out 5 Tips To Sell More With Killer Email Marketing

Summary: Want tips to sell more in your business? Believe me: selling by email is one of today’s solutions. So know what you need in an email marketing for your company to knock out your potential customers and increase your company’s conversion rate considerably.

Firing messages about a product or service through an email is one of the most efficient channels in Marketing.

This is because it is possible to reach people anywhere in the world with a low operating cost.

Therefore, selling by email can be a great outlet for those who want to increase revenue, after all the strategy has excellent cost-benefit.

However, to knock out a lead and be able to leave it impacted you need to know some tips to be able to create an incredible sales email marketing.

So, if you want to see the conversion rate of your business increasing, update yourself with these 5 tips to sell more with email marketing:

1. Cleaning the contact base

2. Email list segmentation

3. Personalization of content

4. Automation of sending emails

5. Perform A / B tests

Use these 5 email sales tips and optimize your customer conversion

1. Clean your contacts base

One of the secrets of those who can convert more customers is to send email to the right contacts.

For this, the first of the tips to sell more is to clean your contact base.

That way you can qualify the sending of email marketing and go through the providers filter, in addition to clearing from your list those who no longer show interest in your business.

To do this, identify invalid recipients (hard bounce), undeliverable ones (soft bounce), those who requested unsubscription and those flagged as SPAM.

And to replace this lack, invest in building a qualified list in an organic way.

One way to do this is by sending landing pages, that is, you provide quality material to the lead, such as an e-book, for example, and in return he fills out a form with your contact information.

2. Segment your email list

After building a qualified contact list to sell by email, the next step is to segment it.

And, for that, follow the actions of these leads within your website to know the type of information he has been consuming, his interactions, profile data etc.

So you get enough data to send content and personalized offers according to the preferences of each contact.

In fact, this is exactly what the next step in the tips for selling more with email marketing will cover.

3. Customize the content

To be able to knock out the lead once and for all and make him want to buy your product or service as soon as he finishes reading the email you need to reach him with quality content.

That’s because he needs to understand how your company can help him solve that problem easily and efficiently.

Also, invest in a personalized approach, calling the contact by his name, for example.

That way he will feel special and see how your business thought of him and his needs before sending that offer.

4. Automate the sending of email marketing

Now the most practical steps of tips for selling more with email marketing sales have started.

That’s because now that you’ve cleaned up your database, segmented your leads and just created personalized content, then it’s time to start sending those emails.

And to optimize the sending, invest in an email marketing tool for automation, because with it you can program the triggering of these messages according to the behavior of the lead and its interactions.

So you can optimize time, improve results and even increase team productivity.

5. Perform A / B tests

If you still feel unsure about the strategies even after these tips for selling more with email marketing, this last step will help you.

That’s because A/B Tests consist of sending two emails that are practically the same, except for one item that you will modify when sending.

For example, if you need to know whether the blue or orange layout works best, submit both with just that change.

By analyzing the results you will be able to understand which more converted your leads, in addition to knowing what you can or cannot change to get more results. In this case, the color of email marketing.

So you are ready to sell by email and enjoy the results that will certainly come with this strategy.

Use these 5 email sales tips and optimize your customer conversion

In this publication you saw 5 tips for selling more with email marketing and could understand that if your intention is to sell by email, in this channel it is possible to optimize and convert customers a lot.

That’s because selling by email will not require high operating costs and will enable you to reach people anywhere in the world.

And exactly for these reasons that for an email marketing sales to be efficient you need to know some secrets, so you can guarantee success in conversions.

Therefore, we present 5 tips to increase your conversion rate, which will enable you to sell by email with total efficiency.

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Difference Between Traditional and Virtual Events- A Detailed Discussion




Virtual Events

As we all know very well that modern technology has advanced all over the world and it has also provided the best solutions to every field of life. From the beginning, we humans are used to utilizing the modern technology factors and we are also getting a lot more impressive benefits in return. Everything will get settled perfectly and you might find this solution useful and smart. No doubt, modern technology factors have also supported every sector of our life. Especially, it has provided the best help and support to the business sector and it has enhanced very well all over the world. Latest IT gadgets are the best example of modern technology help and support to this sector which we can see all around. Do you have any idea about the success of the business sector? Do you have any idea what was the reason behind the whole success? Here we will let you know in detail about everything.

Traditional events or professional events are much famous around the world due to their best environment in which business professionals around the world use to take part in these events. These events are much effective and useful for the life of the small business. Through these events, the local industry also gets a brilliant boost and every country found this solution useful and effective and they have adopted the trend of organizing these types of events on their lands as well. People use to travel in different countries to participate and get multiple benefits in return. One more thing, the use of professional IT gadgets was quite normal in these events. Professional IT gadgets like iPad, AR, VR, giant screens, Laptops, snap bar virtual photo booth, and many others. Many countries have also promoted their tourism in the shape of these events and the economic cycle of every country gets boost efficiently around the world. With the severe effect of coronavirus all over the world, these events get postponed unfortunately because W.H.O has mentioned that COVID-19 is a serious emergency. 

Cancellation of these events in the last few months has destroyed the whole business cycle and many businesses have stopped responding in the market. The whole world is trying to remove the vicious cycle of coronavirus. Here we will discuss with you another reliable factor which has replaced the traditional events intelligently and it has also provided the best support to the professional industry by all means. 

Virtual Events:

Virtual events are the best option we have these days which has also supported the professional industry by all means. Almost every organization is completing its official task by utilizing this smart solution. With the help of professional IT gadgets like a used laptop for sale, iPad, tablets, and many others you can easily get in touch with your office colleagues and other mates. Moreover, you could better organize the virtual events where you need not invite a physical audience for the success of the event. You just have to install the photo booth app on your device and also you need to use the photo booth to get in touch with other audiences online from different parts of the world. You are free to engage more audience for the event and you will also see a mosaic screen in front of you that will describe the success rate of it. 

You can better spread the news of your upcoming virtual event by taking help and support from social media platforms and it will provide you the right solution which you are searching for. Everything will be according to your demand and need and you will also find this solution useful. the best solution we will suggest to you here is to target relevant groups and audiences through your social media posts and interested people will definitely join you live and it will also enhance your success rate in front of all. Currently, the whole world is preferring to use this solution because COVID-19 is a serious emergency and everyone has to follow described SOPs seriously. Virtual events will ensure that you are completely safe from any type of serious disease attack and everything will be in your business’s favor. 

Here we will decide with you which is the better option for the long life of any type of business these days. You will find the comparison useful and smart. 

Which Solution We have to follow for Increasing the Life of a Business?

Here we will suggest you choose the virtual event solution because it is the finest option for every type and size of business. It will never make you feel bad by its choice ever and you can better target the relevant community individually that will be effective for the business life and health.

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How Does On Demand Handyman Application Operate?




How Does On Demand Handyman Application Operate?

A handyman app is something that has become really popular these days. This is why; more and more companies have started building their own on demand handyman application for their clients. The handyman app works in a way that makes it very easy for people to hire a service provider instantly using their smart phones. While most people are familiar with the flow of the on demand handyman applications, hardly few are completely aware about the business model or the process of making money using that app. 

In today’s blog, we will go beyond the flow of the app. The business model is created to ensure that all the parties involved are benefited. So, let us get down to it without any further ado. 

gojek clone

What are the parties involved in the business of On Demand Handyman Services Applications?

There are many parties that you probably did not think of that are involved in the operations of the app. They are:

  1. The User

This is the most obvious party. Users are the people who pay to hire the services of the service providers using the application. This is the customer that the business targets. 

  1. The Handymen

These are the service providers. These are the people who offer the services using the application. They use the app as a platform to provide digital access to their service. 

  1. Companies that offer Handyman Services

There are many companies which dedicatedly offer handyman services. They too can use this application as a platform to enable users to hire the services of handymen employed by their company.

  1. Admin

This is the app owner. The owner of the application is the one who provides the platform to empower handymen to offer their services digitally. 

What is the business model?

The business model of the on demand handyman services app is simple and effective. It allows everyone to make money or to get what they want straight away without any hassles. Basically, it works on the aggregator model. 

Aggregation means enabling different service providers and companies with their individual businesses to provide their services using the digital platform that you offer. The app essentially becomes a stage where different service providers can showcase their services, their qualifications, their prices and so on and so forth. 

Regardless of which service provider a user hires, the app owner continues to earn a commission on it. This means that the user doesn’t have to worry about paying the app separately and the handyman separately. 

The app automatically allows the admin to hold on to the entire payment and deduct a commission to go ahead and make a final payment to the service providers on a regular basis. This system promotes transparency and a fast and seamless process of making money transfers. 

The app also facilitates the regular downloads of reports. These reports could be of sales, of payments due, of payments processed, of sales that have been made, of the kind of demand of handyman services that have been emanating from particular regions. 

Where to get your own on demand Handyman Application?

The best way to secure a safe and seamless app for your business is to go for a readymade on demand handyman app so that you can test the app thoroughly before investing in it. There are many reputed white label on demand mobile app development companies that build great apps for such businesses. 

You will however, have to be careful about making sure that you check the previous client testimonials that the particular company has in question to make sure that you are completely aware of what to expect when you start working with them.

Author Bio:Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.

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