5 Tips to Make Your Woman Keep Asking for More Sex with You

As a man, do you think you have that excellent bedroom skill all because you enjoy yourself every time you are in bed with a woman? While you may be right to think that way, have you ever pause to consider how your partner feels? Or do you feel it doesn’t matter and it has to be all about you?

Then let me put it to you that sex ought to be enjoyable for most parties involved and as a man you ought to be more concerned about satisfying her in bed than you do about yourself. When you satisfy your woman and make her thoroughly enjoy the sex romp, then you will definitely get her to ask for more.

Therefore, you need to learn how to enhance your bedroom skills as you make yourself more sexually appealing to your partner. Read on as you learn some tips that will dramatically improve your sexual skills to enhance her sexual satisfaction and have her yearning for more.

  1. Concentrate on Mutual Pleasure
    Mutual pleasure goes beyond making your woman have multiple orgasms during the sex romp. It’s more about both of you taking it gradually and concentrating on mutual pleasure rather than making her finish so fast with reaching orgasm.
    Don’t concentrate on the physical aspect while neglecting the enjoyment that comes with it. If you keep doing this, it will get to time your woman will feel so pressured to reach orgasm that the fun will be taking away from the sexual encounter. You place her in a dire state of mind when you focus more on her reaching orgasm than you focus on mutual pleasure.
    Yes, you desire to take her to sexual ecstasy and make her cum, this feels great for men as it turns them on – but don’t force it.
    Solution: Accentuate and heighten the experience through touch, whispers to her ears, words, moans, and so on. Ensure you experiment with different positions till you both agree on the ones that are convenient and comfortable for both of you. You could achieve this by having a few try and error and a lot of communicating.
  2. Let your Facial hair look Inviting and Charming to your Partner
    The masculinity that beards give males could be a big turn on for women in the bedroom during sex when they have to touch it or feel it against their skin. However, it could also work in the opposite if it’s not well trimmed and it looks unkempt.
    Don’t turn your lady’s sexual excitement off with your shabby and unkempt facial hairs, ensure you take good care of it as it connotes confidence and sexual excitement to your woman and leads to sexual enjoyment.
    Shave and trim your beards regularly, give your beards a nice treat, add beards treatment oil to soften your beards and ensure it doesn’t become too hard and spiky to hurt your partner in bed.
  3. Control What You Eat
    Watch what you eat as it could contribute to the way you smell after absorption of nutrients and it may come out as sweat or body odour. For instance, it was discovered that asparagus consumption makes men taste horrible, but that’s not all, other foods make men and women taste bad. Another example is red meat which has been discovered to make women smell and taste bad down there.
    The quantity of a particular food item you consume determines the amount of toxins it releases to your body. Ladies smell to her man is a function of good hygiene, pheromones, and natural body chemistry.
    Men who consume more of broccoli or Brussel sprouts are more likely to taste like it in bed. While some people can afford to eat whatever they desire while still smelling good, others don’t have the luxury to do that and needs to exercise more caution.
  4. Keep Up Your Stamina and Boost Her Confidence
    This can be a bit frustrating and humiliating for a woman to try and initiate sex and the man is not just coming to the party. At times it could be that the man is not just in the mood or some other underlining factors like ED or lack of erection. Women don’t like to be turned down when they initiate sex, and it can shatter their confidence. While at times you may realize that they have a higher sex drive than you as the man.
    You don’t have to always bow to her wishes all the time when you aren’t in the mood, and she is, but you could at least show some respect and appreciation when your partner initiates sex. For instance, you could suggest a massage (she could end up turning you on from the massage) or play together. If your reason for not being in the mood is because of erectile dysfunction, then you have the option of taking cheap generic Viagra for your ED, and it will get your erection back on in no time and restore your woman’s confidence.
  5. Shower her with more love, care and attention
    Always show that you care for and about her because the more you show her love, respect and good intents, the happier she will be; this will also be translated to her behavior in the bedroom.
    Show her respect, let her feel more comfortable with you to give release her body to you and let her know she won’t regret having her intimate moments with you. Make her feel special at all times and watch how she will also be free to express her feelings during sex and be willing to explore more sex positions with you.
    These five tips mentioned will dramatically improve your sex life and guarantee happiness for you and your partner. Try them out, inculcate it into your sex life and see the amazing transformation.

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