5 Reasons Why Biting Your Nails Is Bad For Your Teeth

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If you have been biting your nails with no care in the world, stop it now. Because it is bad for your dental health. Whether you’re a child or adult, get rid of this habit to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Even if stress is the reasons behind your nail biting, it could still end up harming you in a variety of ways not known to you. You just can’t bite your nails to a healthy body and this habit has effects on your dental health as well. You can consult the dentist and know more about this subject to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

5 Reasons Why Biting Your Nails Is Bad For Your Teeth

Here are 5 reasons why biting your nails is bad for your teeth –

  1. Unhygienic
    Nail biting is an unhygienic practice. The earlier you chuck it the better. When you bit your nails and then pluck the same finger/s inside your mouth, this may help germs to enter your system and cause harm. More so, biting into your nails means giving germs a chance to get into your mouth and get stuck between your teeth.
    Bacteria are always bad for your teeth and you should encourage their spread in any form. Sadly, nail biting is something that is fraught with the risk of bacterial spread to eventually cause harm to your teeth. So, if you want your teeth to stay healthy and stay out of the way of bacteria, stop biting your nails.
  2. Worn out enamel
    Your teeth are meant for chewing and eating only. Risks will always be there if you use them for something that is not helpful, like nail biting. By doing so, you make your teeth to chew constantly and when that happens, there is always a danger of the wear and tear to the enamel.
    The motion of chewing can put extra force on your teeth and this is how the enamel might wear over time. It’s therefore important to not use teeth for something that is bad for your health. If you bit the nails, you should see the dentist and seek help as stress could also be the reason behind that.
  3. Misalignment
    Nail biting could harm your teeth greatly. It could even cause alignment issues to your teeth. With stress on the teeth on a sustained basis, there may be a risk of disturbed alignment. And once your teeth are not correctly aligned or crooked, it may also cause biting related issues.
    More so, misalign teeth are at more risk for decay than normal teeth. With teeth losing their natural alignment, it could also make other adjoining teeth get loose and ruin the appearance of your smile. For that reason, it’s advised not to bite your nails ever else be ready for misaligned teeth.
  4. Weakened teeth
    If your nail-biting habit does not stop, it could even weaken your teeth over time. This naturally happens due to the excessive stress put on the teeth. And if you have braces, the level of stress just becomes double to increase the risk even two times. When you bite your nails, you put pressure on your teeth which is never good.
    Worse still, if you have any orthodontic treatment done, nail-biting then becomes even more harmful. It’s therefore important to say goodbye to this bad habit and stay on top of your dental health. If you find it difficult to chuck the habit, it’s always better to consult the dentist or doctor and get it treated.
  5. Costs with cosmetic dentistry
    Nail biting may appear a harmless habit to you but if not given up timely, it could force you to spend money with cosmetic dentistry. You may not need a tooth cavity treatment for that, but chances are, you need a cosmetic dentist to fix issues like oddly shaped teeth etc. Your dental bills can go up considerably over time.

So, it’s in your interest to quit nail-biting and save money that you would otherwise have to spend at the dentist in future. Since you are not going to achieve anything without biting your nails, it’s thus better to quit it and live a life of quality and dental health.