11 Places to Celebrate Your 18th Birthday

“When a girl reaches the age of 18/She begins to think she’s grown​/And that’s the kind of little girl/You can never find at home.” Eric Clapton, from the song Early in the Morning

Every teenage Filipina awaits for her 18th birthday as she graces her way to becoming a young lady she wanted to be. Turning 18 means, she would be stepping a new age of new horizons and possibilities. Maybe not all, but roughly almost of the girls, has always dreamed of being a princess or even a queen. Why not make your dreams turn into reality? Whether you opt for a grand banquet with a grand cotillion or an Oscars-themed party like Mavy and Cassie’s debut party, you have to look for the perfect venue to spend your special day.

11 Places to Celebrate Your 18th Birthday

Manila- the capital city of the Philippines- is the ideal entrée of fun and opportunities. With all the tall buildings around the city, I’m sure there lie countless venues great for your birthday celebration. Check out this list of stunning events place in Manila for your debut party:

Fernwood Garden
Situated in Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City lies one of the most enchanting venues for your debut. Housing high-raised walls, various plants and trees, and well-structured landscapes, the place surely puts off a whimsical and castle-like tone for your debut party. The popularity of Fernwood Garden is distinctively noticeable all over the media. It is also where celebrities like Kathryn Bernardo- the recent debutante, spent her debut.

Baluarte De San Diego
If you opt to escape the modern skyscrapers of the city, then this historical site may be fitting for you. Aside from containing our rich heritage, this is perfect for having an outdoor debut party. You and your guests get to enjoy the beauty of our country and the celebrants being as a Filipina.

Glass Garden
This picturesque venue situates in the community of Barangay Santolan, Pasig City. Iconic for its frosted white walls and high-raised ceilings is perfect for day or night events. You wouldn’t have to worry if you’d be under the blazing heat of the sun or drenched in the rain, as this indoor garden will get you covered.

Manila Ocean Park
Preferring something unusual, yet equally exciting? Why don’t you spend your special day with some school of fishes? If you’re a Thalassophile, then Manila Ocean Park is just the right place for you. Sing and dance your night along with the adorable sea folks in your birthday.

Light of Love
Situated near SM City Center point, Light of Love will surely bring out the fairy fantasies in you. Enveloped with lantern lights and trailing vines, the venue is tailor-made for debutantes who wish to have an intimate yet cozy celebration with her family and friends.

Iris Observatory
If you want to have fun with people close to you, then this Luau-themed debut befits you. You can have your guests where cocktail dresses or an evening beach attire, check out Iris Observatory in Mandaluyong City. You may welcome your guests with leis to achieve that Hawaiian mood. And since it’s akin to a beach party, set up an array of various flavored cocktails to commemorate the beginning of your of-legal-age regime.

Marquis Events Place
Located at the heart of the prime cities of Manila, Marquis stands by the iconic crane fold which symbolizes an ancient Japanese legend which wishes ‘good luck to anyone whoever can fold a thousand cranes.’ With all the years you’ve spent as a child, it would be fitting to make your wishes come true. In Marquis, you’d get to celebrate your dreams in a most sophisticated and luxurious setup and superb service.

55 Events Place
Found in Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City is the cradle of 55 Events Place. If you’d like to have a contemporary or minimalist approach, try considering this venue. 55 Events Place boast a vast line of different themes which includes well-designed setups and packages to meet your likings.

Casa Manila Patio
Enclosed with cobble-stoned walls, Casa Manila holds a significant memory in the Philippine History and will take part to make your journey memorable. Thanks to its old-world charm, it will surely remind your roots as you venture your life to becoming a lady.

Palazzo Verde
Bring out that Disney princess in you and create a kingdom in Palazzo Verde. The venue sports the Victorian Era charm with its Baroque-styled buildings. With its stunning English architectural designs, you might even think you’re celebrating out of the country.

Whitespace Manila
Akin to a blank canvass- is the Whitespace Manila. If you wish for more personal strokes in your 18th birthday as it’s all about you, Whitespace Manila allows you to think outside the box and create a place of your own to celebrate your day fully. The event place brags three halls you can choose from depending on the number of your guests.




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