10 Quick Tips To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction & Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual health disorder common among men of all age groups. In America, it affects more than 15 million people. Some of the common erectile dysfunction symptoms are trouble getting an erection, trouble maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse, and lost interest in sex. Although there are many ED treatments available, you can also prevent it. In fact,


10 Quick Tips To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Here are top 10 effective ways to avoid erection problems:

Eat a healthy diet: Stop eating junk foods as they reduce blood circulation. And, add more fresh vegetables & fruits and whole grains in your daily diet.

Exercise daily: There’s a strong link between sedentary lifestyle and ED. Walking, jogging, swimming, and other physical exercises can help you get off erection problems fast.

Get off stress: Stress boosts the levels of adrenaline, which is linked to narrowing of the blood vessels (vasoconstriction). Get rid of the stress related to office or home, and you will feel better. Meditation and yoga are the two natural stress relievers.

Quit drinking alcohol: Alcohol abuse is one of the primary reasons for erection problems in young men. Heavy drinking can cause nerve damage, liver problems, and other conditions that develop ED. Quitting drinking alcohol will improve blood flow and give your sex life a boost.

Maintain a healthy weight: Obesity causes many health conditions such as nerve damage and type 2 diabetes, which affect erectile health. Losing those extra pounds not only help you get in shape but improve blood supply in the body, thus promoting healthy erections.

Check your testosterone levels: Low-T is a cause of ED in men. Usually, testosterone levels fall in men in their 40s or 50s. Symptoms of low-T include reduced muscle mass, low sex drive, and fatigue. So, always keep a healthy testosterone-level (300 to 1,000 ng/dL).

Say NO to anabolic steroids: Bodybuilders and athletes often use anabolic steroids, which aren’t good for erectile health. They can reduce testosterone levels and sperm count, thus causing erectile dysfunction. For most guys, it takes a year to recover their T-levels after they stop using steroids. However, the damage caused can depend on since when you are taking the drug.

Get enough sleep: Sleep disorders have negative effects on erectile health (rather than just being tired to perform). Doctors also advice older people suffering from erection problems to have sex during the day. For many, it means performing the activity in the morning.

Quit watching porn: Porn addiction eats away men’s sexual health secretly. Mashable reported that erectile dysfunction in young men has increased by 1000% since 2007. One of the main reasons for that is FREE PORN. Guys who watch too much porn face erection issues and often lose interest in the real-life sexual activity.

Prefer safe sex: In some cases, the reason for ED is penile injuries due to unsafe sex. Erection on the weaker side and certain sex positions can result in penis fractures. Thus, whenever you suspect a penis fracture, seek professional help.

So, what’s the bottom line? Adopting healthy lifestyle habits today is better than taking online prescriptions for ED medications in the future. However, you may find difficulty in sticking to exercising and healthy eating routine in the beginning. But, once you noticed the natural results, you will love to do it.


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